So, You Wanna Work the Vegas Dayclub Scene? We’ve Got the Top Insider Tips for You

iStock_000009648380_for-webLas Vegas Pool Season is just around the corner, and the hottest dayclubs have already held their 2015 auditions for model-servers, one of the most lucrative server positions in town. But it’s not too early to get a head start for next year—or to plan on auditioning for the night clubs! We recently got the insider scoop from some of Dr. Pancholi’s patients who work in the industry, and we’re excited to share their top tips.

Because they are sharing their best inside tips, our interviewees have chosen to remain anonymous. Pseudonyms have been used for this article.

Step 1: Be Seen

Whether you’re looking to relocate or are a longtime local looking for a change of pace, putting yourself out there is a huge part of getting noticed by recruiters.

“Spend a weekend with your friends visiting all the different day clubs,” says long-time model-server Aimee. “Stay sober, have fun, and look your best because you never know who’s watching.”

This is also an opportunity to gauge what clubs fit you. If hired, you’ll be making a club your home for at least 11 hours per day—you want to make sure you’re happy in the environment. “Some clubs play electronic dance music, some play top 40,” Aimee points out. “Finding the best fit will make a huge difference in your experience.”

When you’ve found a place you like, chat with some of the model-servers. Ask if there is a manager you could meet, introduce yourself to the manager, and express your interest in working at the club. Be personable, engaging, and confident—if the manager likes you, you may find yourself with an important new contact.

Step 2: Get the Look

You don’t have to look just like everyone else to get the job, though what’s trending definitely has an impact. “Are they looking for blondes? Brunettes? Watch the runways and fashion mags,” suggests pool party veteran Sara. “If you dye your hair, stay in control of your roots! All auditionees should make sure their hair is rich and healthy.”

All of our interviewees agree: you need to be the very best version of yourself. You’ll be rocking a bikini, so be sure you’re bikini-ready. Stay in shape, get rid of any stray hairs that may embarrass you, and maintain your skin.

“You have to be honest with yourself if you plan on being 100% comfortable spending hours in a bikini for all the world to see,” Sara emphasizes. “Look in the mirror. Assess your body. Can you look at yourself for more than a few minutes and still feel confident? If there are areas you feel like you need to improve, now is the time to work on it. Confidence is key.”

Did you know…? Our interviewees estimate that over 70% of model-servers have had some cosmetic enhancements performed, with an overwhelming majority choosing to have breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgery is not a requirement, but feeling happy and comfortable with your appearance is a huge part of modeling.

Step 3: Show the Attitude

The biggest part of working the Vegas club scene is interacting with people. To stand out and make an impact, you have to have the right attitude.

“While your look is important, it’s not going to sell you to the hiring managers,” points out Jessa, a recent hire. “If you stand there like a fixture and don’t show your confidence and personality, you’re going to fall into the background.”

Your first audition is your time to shine. Because there will be so many people there vying for the job, your time with the hiring managers will be limited—make sure you’re prepared to show them what you’ve got.

“They’re going to ask what makes you unique or to briefly tell them about yourself. Don’t fall back on what you think they want to hear,” Jessa emphasizes. “Be authentic, be humorous, be engaging. If you make them laugh, you’re going to be remembered.”

Pro Tips

When it comes to audition day, there are a few things all of our interviewees agree on:

  • Wear a cover-up! You need to be in swimwear for the open casting call and chances are you’re going to be standing around for a while.
  • Choose a neutral bikini. You want to be the focal point, not your flashy swimsuit. Show them that you can rock anything!
  • Skip the tanning bed. While everyone loves a healthy glow, you will look your best when you look natural. Orange is not in!
  • Stay sober. While working at a club surrounded by people having fun may sound like a blast, you will be there to work. As soon as you start hitting the clubs to be seen by club managers, put the alcohol down and stay on your best behavior. They don’t want to hire party girls, they want to hire competent, hardworking employees.

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