Las Vegas Mommy Makeover

“I wish I still looked like that after having my kids.”

Are you hearing this, or are you saying this to someone else?

Of course you’re happy that you have your kids, but that doesn’t mean you’re happy looking like you’ve had kids. Getting back to your ideal body shape and size is a challenge after having children. Even with diet and/or a regular exercise regimen, it can be an unbearable struggle that feels as though nothing is working.

Although many women understand this feeling, it is especially true among women who have given birth and now see a body that barely resembles their pre-pregnancy contour. Stretched abdominal muscles, breasts that have fallen and lost volume, and excess fat surrounding the hips, thighs, and buttocks are the most common “problem areas” that can develop after giving birth.

What are my options for a mommy makeover?

The Mommy Makeover experience involves multiple body contouring procedures that help reverse the dramatic body changes from pregnancy, get your hard-earned body back and regain your self-confidence in appearance.

This experience commonly involves a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures including one of more of the following:

Non-surgical mommy makeover options

Non-surgical treatments are becoming more and more popular, allowing mommy makeover patients to further refine their shape without additional recovery time. Non-surgical treatments are also a great option for women who plan to have more children or who are not yet ready to commit to surgery, but would like to make improvements in the meantime. Options include:

Dr. Pancholi will help you determine the type of procedures that will best achieve a naturally slimmer, fitter and younger appearance for your body.

Ultimately, a Mommy Makeover is designed to help a woman return to the body shape she once embraced or always wanted prior to having children. Although not an end-all solution to every change that may have occurred, a Mommy Makeover can help you regain your pre baby self-confidence and feel like your real self again.

Making the decision to have surgery is nerve-wracking, but having people like Dr. Pancholi and his amazing staff made the whole process enjoyable…my results are AMAZING!! I have finally gained confidence in my appearance. I am glad I chose Dr. Pancholi for my surgery! The doctor and his staff are absolutely THE BEST in Las Vegas!
—R.S., Actual Patient of Dr. Pancholi
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How can I get started?

Getting a mommy makeover can be an exciting process leading to some dramatic improvements in your appearance and self-confidence. It is important that you choose the right surgeon and practice to perform your procedures. We invite you to learn about the full scope of cosmetic surgery procedures available with Dr. Pancholi:

Dr. Pancholi’s beautiful, natural-looking patient results continue to support his reputation as an established cosmetic surgeon. Coming in for your consultation and discussing your goals and concerns with Dr. Pancholi will really help you understand what unique circumstances your body presents and what will help achieve your best result.

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