Breast Reduction in Las Vegas

If you have breasts that are too large for your body, bras are extremely uncomfortable to wear, or you have just always wanted smaller breasts, you may be thinking about having a breast reduction.

Why Choose Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery may not only improve breast appearance and posture, but also dramatically improve your quality of life and self confidence. If you have uncomfortably large breasts you may be experiencing:

  • neck, back, and shoulder pain from “cutting” bra straps
  • persistent skin irritations under your breasts
  • inability to wear swimsuits and tops comfortably
  • pain and discomfort during exercise

This will often limit your ability to enjoy an active and functional life. Besides the physical side effects, the emotional and mental strain it causes can be painful. If you find yourself hiding your body under shapeless shirts, or even staying home from the pool or the gym because of the unwanted attention, you are not alone.

With the latest technology and Dr. Pancholi’s artistic skills, breast reduction can not only improve comfort, but also achieve a very aesthetically pleasing breast shape and proportion that enhances your overall figure. In addition to reducing the breasts to a more proportional size, Dr. Pancholi will remove excess skin, correcting sagging. Not only will your breasts be smaller and lighter, but also firmer and in a much better position on the chest, perhaps for the first time in your life.

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“One of the things that really sets us apart from other practices is the amount of breast surgery that we do, and really, the complexity of it. When we look at fixing breast augmentations, breast lifts, reductions, and everything else, it’s about having the ability and the tools to do it. But the bigger part is, do you have someone with the aesthetic eye to put things back together? And that would be another reason that you want to come here. We’re doing this all with an artistic approach. We’re looking at your body, your frame, and what truly fits you. Our recommendations will hopefully help you get the figure that you want and the confidence that you want back in yourself.”—Dr. Samir Pancholi

Your Options for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to create smaller and better shaped breasts with improved symmetry. Incisions for this surgery are similar to those of a peri-areolar, vertical or Inverted T breast lift. In fact, at the same time that the breast is reduced, it is also lifted into a new, higher position maximizing the overall appearance.

With breast reduction surgery, the emotional and mental strain is often markedly improved, if not resolved. Patients typically experience a much more active life both physically and socially, participating in activities and events they may have felt restricted from prior, but not anymore!

Dr. Pancholi was magnificent! He was very professional, knowledgeable, honest and upfront. His office and staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My surgery was a success, and I am extremely satisfied with the results! I consulted with 5 other surgeons before Dr. Pancholi. I recommend his services to anyone interested in making yourself more beautiful than you already are 🙂
—N.S., Actual Patient of Dr. Pancholi
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  • Relief from physical discomfort
  • Improved posture
  • Increased physical activity
  • Reduced skin irritation that can occur beneath large breasts
  • Correction of breast asymmetry
  • Improved sleep and comfort
  • Areola: The pigmented area surrounding the nipple.
  • Breast Ptosis: Medical term for sagging or drooping of the breasts.
  • General Anesthesia: A type of anesthesia that induces a state of unconsciousness and eliminates the sensation of pain throughout the entire body, commonly used in major surgeries like breast reduction.
  • Gigantomastia: A rare medical condition characterized by excessive breast growth.
  • Inferior Pedicle Technique: A surgical technique for breast reduction that preserves the nipple and areola attached to a pedicle of tissue.
  • Inframammary Fold: The natural crease under the breast, where the breast meets the chest wall. It’s often used as an incision site in breast surgeries to minimize visible scarring.
  • Liposuction: A surgical procedure used to remove fat from specific areas of the body, sometimes used in breast reduction to remove excess fatty tissue.
  • Mammoplasty: The medical term for any cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure on the breast.
  • Nipple-Areola Complex: The combined area of the nipple and the surrounding areola.
  • Reduction Mammoplasty: The medical term for breast reduction surgery.
  • Scarless Breast Reduction: A method of breast reduction using liposuction, which leaves minimal scarring compared to traditional surgical techniques.
  • Submammary Incision: An incision made below the breast, typically used in breast reduction surgeries.
  • Superomedial Pedicle Technique: A breast reduction technique where the nipple and areola are moved upwards while preserving blood supply and sensation.
  • Vertical Scar Technique: A breast reduction technique resulting in a scar shaped like a lollipop, around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease.
  • Wise Pattern Technique: A common breast reduction technique that results in an anchor-shaped scar, involving incisions around the areola, vertically down and along the breast crease.

Breast Reduction with Implants?

If you would like smaller breasts, implants may be the last thing on your mind. You may be surprised to learn that many patients in our practice choose to have breast implants while having their breasts reduced. While the goal of breast reduction is to reduce the overall size of the breast, it is not at the sacrifice of shape and aesthetic appeal. A breast reduction with a modestly sized implant can enhance the appearance and shape, while reducing the amount of overall tissue.

Placing breast implants can allow you to obtain cleavage and fullness with your new smaller breasts. To accommodate the implant, some additional breast tissue is removed beyond what a surgeon might take during a traditional breast reduction. This allows Dr. Pancholi to create the desired shape without increasing the overall size of the breast.

Implants are most always placed under the muscle to give you the benefits of greater support, greater tissue coverage, and lower risk for capsular contraction. The implants can be either saline or silicone and can allow for the look that most women seeking breast augmentation alone are able to achieve.

Why Choose Dr. Pancholi and Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas

Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi
Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi

Dr. Pancholi, a breast specialist and diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, is renowned for performing hundreds of breast surgeries in Las Vegas annually. As a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, he has achieved the highest level of training available in Cosmetic Surgery, underlining his commitment to artistry and surgical excellence.His exceptional attention to detail consistently delivers superb, natural-looking results that exceed patient expectations, earning him a reputation as one of Las Vegas’ premier breast surgeons. Patients from across the country trust Dr. Pancholi and have traveled to him for his expertise, making him a top choice for those seeking compassionate care and outstanding surgical excellence in their cosmetic surgery journey.

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Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about the benefits of breast reduction surgery, or if you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Pancholi for a consultation.

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