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Dr. Pancholi performs en bloc breast implant removal whenever possible Dr. Pancholi is well known for his expertise in breast augmentation and breast implant revision; this includes expertise in breast implant removal, or explantation. There are many details he considers to ensure a safe, successful procedure and an aesthetically pleasing outcome for your new breasts,… Continue Reading »

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2014 has come to a close, and the exploding popularity of e-cigarettes has earned the trend a year-end honor: Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is “vape.” According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Vape originated as an abbreviation of vapour or vaporize. The verb means ‘to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette… Continue Reading »

There’s nothing like walking into a summer event feeling your best and looking healthy and radiant. If you would like to have the “wow” factor that comes from clear glowing skin, lush lips, and thick eyelashes, try our easy three-part plan. This suite of non-surgical treatments for summer offers a quick recovery period, yet brings… Continue Reading »

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There are several key cosmetic procedures that women can use to address aging concerns during their forties. They may be surgical or non-surgical, and generally focus on the face and breasts. In 2012, more than 6.4 million cosmetic procedures were performed on those in their forties. Facelifts and breast augmentation led the pack for surgical… Continue Reading »

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Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in America, with over 300,000 procedures performed each year. As you might imagine, many women who have breast augmentation often need follow-up procedures. A recent article in the Cosmetic Surgery Times has highlighted some of the reasons that women decide to have their implants replaced. According to… Continue Reading »

Why do breast augmentation costs seem to vary so much?  Here in Las Vegas I’ve seen quotes ranging from under $3000, to over $7000.  Is one doctor that much better than the other? Are they doing or using something special?  When I take a closer look, the differences really aren’t there.  So why the big… Continue Reading »

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