Las Vegas Brow Lift

One of the most common signs of aging on the face is fallen eyebrows. The eyebrows tend to be one of the most overlooked areas, as most people focus on the loose skin of their upper eyelids instead. Many times this loose upper eyelid skin is a direct result of the fallen eyebrows which occurs gradually during the aging process.

Reasons for Brow Lift Surgery

Lifting the eyebrow helps correct the loose upper eyelid skin, restore a youthful appearance to the forehead and brow, and reverse an often tired or angry looking position of the brow. The key to successful brow-lift surgery is achieving a natural appearance with minimal, hidden scars.

Advanced Brow Lift Techniques

Dr. Pancholi utilizes a minimally invasive procedure called the endoscopic brow lift, using tiny cameras and remote instruments through small incisions hidden behind the hairline to perform the surgery and return the eyebrows to their original position without leaving any noticeable scars.

There are many advantages to the endoscopic technique, including smaller incisions and faster recovery. For those who notice their hairline receding, Dr. Pancholi employs another technique to reposition the hairline forward while also lifting the brow at the same time.

Learn More at a Free Consultation

To learn more about the endoscopic brow lift at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas, contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Pancholi. At this appointment, you will have a chance to sit down with Dr. Pancholi and discuss your personal goals for facial rejuvenation. He will also explain the details of the procedure and help you decide if a brow lift is the best option for you.