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January 6, 2022
I haven’t looked this good since I was a teenager

I did my arm Lipo and I must say I haven’t looked this good since I was a teenager, the whole process was so smooth and so amazing. I love dr Pancholi, I will recommend him 100%

—Jennifer G.

December 5, 2021
My dream body

Dr. Pancholi is one of the best doctors ever met in my life he is the nicest doctor he really cares about his patients I am five days post -op I had a tummy tuck and fat transfer my body already looks amazing if anybody is considering plastic surgery Dr. Pancholi is Number one in my books thank you so much for my dream body DR 😘

—Cindy Alvarez

September 20, 2021
I am truly GRATEFUL for Dr. Pancholi.

I found Dr. Pancholi from yelp with no prior recommendations from any person. I scheduled a consult. I was welcomed by Valerie and Anette, two very kind ladies. I was impressed with Dr Pancholis’ level of attentiveness and how he explained in such detail-most thoroughly, during my consultation, on what to expect if I move forward with the planned surgeries. It was nice to hear exactly how the surgery would be performed. I did not receive that level of explanation with other consultations.
The facility was comfortable, clean, and very inviting. It was a bonus for me that the doctor owned his own practice and surgical suite, both locations were in the same building. Dr Pancholi informed me he does not share his surgical suite with other surgeons. This was important to me because during my search, other doctors informed me they share the surgical center.

Dr Pancholi made me feel important, like I was his only patient and that he will not be rushed during surgery!! Dr Pancholi was not only extremely professional and knowledgeable he was Very Enthusiastic about the proposed outcome. Even when I had my own doubts. His confidence, definitely put me at ease. This was my third physician consultation. Dr Pancholi, made me feel like I was in the best hands possible. His confidence in his abilities was only surpassed by his actual skills in the operating room. I have to say I am VERY PLEASED with my en-bloc capsulectomy and breast lift!!:) The morning of surgery, I spent an 1 1/2 in a private room. The massage chair appeared to have scanned my body to enhance and individualize my comfort. I was very comfortable and relaxed. Nikki, my nurse from the beginning was friendly and communicative. She came in periodically to check on me. Prior to surgery, all my last minute questions were answered. Dr Pancholi took his time drawing on me, explaining what each mark represented in detail. Because all that drawing can be quiet intimidating. HANDS DOWN if you are looking for the BEST, look no further!!!:)
I truly felt I was collaborating, pre-surgery with my surgeon for the best outcome that I would be pleased with. He told me during my initial consultation that he would make me look fabulous and he did just that!!! Not only did Dr. Pancholi remove the implants and the capsule which had formed around them completely, He took his time and gave me a beautiful natural breast lift!:) The incisions are minimal post op. I am healing perfectly. I can’t wait to wear a backless blouse. I love my new me and it’s all me!:)!:) Francesca is the sweetest person, she answered me right away through text messages or calls pre and post.

I am truly GRATEFUL for Dr. Pancholi. His Enterprise is without a doubt unmatched!!!
If you are on the fence about a cosmetic surgical procedure, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr Pancholi. His team will all make you feel very comfortable.

Thank You, Dr Pancholi

—Madonna Hernandez

August 15, 2021
Dr. Pancholi and his team are the BEST!!!!

Dr. Pancholi and his team are the BEST!!!! He gave me a perfect shape and the confidence that I have been missing. I had a TT and a BBL done in May, and while recovering from surgery isn’t all that glamorous, Dr. Pancholi and his staff were available to help me in any way they could. Dr. Pancholi answered all of my questions and was thorough in explaining what I can expect. His entire staff is friendly and professional; they make you feel comfortable. Their office and surgical suite are beautiful and extremely clean. It made me feel safe! His work speaks for itself; if anyone is looking for a great surgeon in Vegas, I have and will continue to recommend him.

—Yadira Hardy

August 12, 2021
Dr. Pancholi is the best in this field.

I had the pleasure of personally getting a procedure done by Dr. Pancholi and I could never have made a better decision. Dr. Pancholi is the best in this field.

His entire staff made me feel comfortable from the consultation phase up to the post-surgery check-ups. They were very organized, highly-knowledgeable, and extremely polite. I’m so happy!


August 1, 2021
I could write a novel…

I could write a novel about how great Dr. Pancholi and his staff is.
I’ve been going to his office since 2015 and not once have I ever been disappointed.
The results from the surgeries I have gotten were always exactly what I wanted. The doctor truly spends time listening to what you want done and gives great suggestions. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, And very patient when I asked several questions about pre op and post op.
The nurses during each procedure are so sweet and I felt very taken care of each time I’m there.
Dr. Pancholi truly cares about his patients and I would highly recommend him to anyone in Las Vegas or even out of state.

—Nicolette Badia

June 6, 2021
100/10 would recommend 🙂

Dr. Pancholi is the best! Not only is he an amazing surgeon (I should really say artist as well), but the service that he and his staff provide from consult to post op is just the very best- through and through. Surgery day was the most comfortable I have ever experienced. Getting surgery can be so nerve racking but when I arrived I was greeted by my nurse, I got settled in and comfortable in the coolest massage chair ever while the team prepped, Dr. Pancholi then came in and took his time drawing out his plan for the surgery, I was greeted by my super nice anesthesiologist who went over the anesthesia questions, and then I walked into surgery room and got settled it, I met the team. The last thing I remember was getting cozy under this warm air blanket thing, chatting away and then I felt the happy juice and I was out, (His accredited surgery center is at his clinic, and it is so clean and high tech- best of the best). When I woke up in recovery I was comfortable and warm, greeted by his nursing staff who I was already familiar with from before surgery and Dr.Pancholi came back a couple of times to check on me before I got picked up to go home. I didn’t feel rushed out of recovery like I’ve heard some of the other surgeons in town do and when my partner picked me up he thanked the nurse for keeping him posted throughout my surgery via text, which I didn’t even know they were doing but my family more than appreciated these updates. I’m over a month out and Dr. Pancholi post op care is just as attentive, his staff is quick to respond if I have any questions (even if it’s after hours) and at my post op appointments I’ve enjoyed seeing his awesome team (Alex is my fave MA, always so nice to see her) – my results so far are AMAZING! All in all- Dr.Pancholi is the best! He really has created a beautiful and comfortable environment for his patients. 100/10 would recommend 🙂

—Angeli S.

May 20, 2021
Breast Augmentation June 2009 Update

I had a breast augmentation June 2009 with Dr. Samir Pancholi. I still to this day have no issues. I highly recommend this surgeon. He does an excellent job.

—Monica Nevarez

March 11, 2021
Absolutely thrilled…

Absolutely thrilled and excited for my results greatly appreciate Dr. Pancholi and his great team he has at this location and office. Thank you


February 6, 2021
BEST Doctor in Las Vegas.

BEST Doctor in Las Vegas. I recommend Dr. Pancholi and his staff 100%. He did a better job than I expected!!

—Marleen Hi

February 3, 2021
Updated review: It’s been a few years now.

It’s been a few years now.  I cannot tell you how much my results have impacted my confidence and body image.  I feel at one with my body.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Pancholi.  He did something for me when he didn’t have to.

I am so happy with my results.

—Taryn S.

January 18, 2021
My experience has been great thus far.

My experience has been great thus far. I came in because I felt disproportionate and the doctor really wanted to make sure I got what I wanted. I can say at this point (2months post surgery) I feel like I got what I was looking for and am super happy. Scarring is minimal and everything seems to be healing well.

—Kristin Auerbach

January 17, 2021
Love Dr. Pancholi and his staff ❤

Love Dr. Pancholi and his staff ❤. They are very professional and care about making you feel comfortable. Dr. Pancholi is the best. I highly recommend him for any plastic surgery or other service that he offers. Thank you so much for taking care of me, you guys are the best.

—Dede Lykens

January 14, 2021

After my free virtual consultation with Dr. Pancholi, Jaime came back onto the call and explained pricing. Within 2-3 months I was scheduled for surgery. The anesthesiologist called me the night before to ask some basic questions and was very pleasant to speak to. I wasn’t nervous at all. The morning of surgery I was treated like VIP. I can’t remember the name of the intake nurse the morning of my surgery but she was just as amazing as everyone else I had come in contact with. As I get up on the operating table I am greeted by John who is Dr. Pancholi’s surgical tech. As soon as Dr. Pancholi entered the operating room, we exchanged a couple of jokes and next thing I know I’m wrapped up and in recovery. Dr. Pancholi has his own operating room ON SITE!!! It’s amazing! No need to go to some hospital and be treated like just another patient….

—Heather R.

January 11, 2021
I just went in for my 1 year post op…

I just went in for my 1 year post op. Because of this pandemic, it was placed on a hold so it’s been a little longer. I’m pleased to say that Pancholi cosmetics still holds to be where I’d recommend my friends to go to for any cosmetic work. The attention to detail with my breast augmentation in comparison to my friends who had previously gone to other locations truly shows that Pancholi was the best. The staff are also warm and welcoming. I’m so happy I went with Pancholi cosmetics.

—Veronica Moreno

January 9, 2021
He is truly amazing and genuinely cares about his patients.

Highly recommend Dr. Pancholi for your cosmetic needs! He is truly amazing and genuinely cares about his patients. He is super patient and actually takes time to make sure your needs are met and your questions are answered. From the first consultation all the way through the follow up appointments, you feel taken care of. Katie at the front desk is super sweet, I love her! Jamie is so sweet as well and answers any questions you have in the beginning process. And all of the nurses are amazing. I cannot say enough about him and his staff! He definitely only hires top notch employees to be on the same level as he is.

—Aleacia Willison

December 10, 2020
….my experience and results have been wonderful.

Dr. Pancholi and his staff are so polite and professional, they put me right at ease and my experience and results have been wonderful.


December 9, 2020
Doctor is an understatement. He’s a true artist.

How lucky I was to find this amazing Doctor. And doctor is an understatement. He’s a true artist.

I lost 160lbs and was left with a ton of loose skin (arms, legs, stomach, back, butt). I had absolutely no idea what I needed or where to start – I made an Appointment for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation consultation. Dr. Pancholi was able to accurately identify what was needed and where and how to should start. It was decided that an entire lower body lift was required (360 cut all the way around) and a breast lift and implants. He was extremely thorough with showing and explaining to me why a tummy tuck would not give me the results or relief I was looking for.

—Jennifer W.

November 22, 2020
Super pleased with Dr. Pancholi and his staff.

Super pleased with Dr. Pancholi and his staff. They were very professional and the facility is amazing and I am so happy with the results of my mommy makeover.

—Yvonne Wade

November 2, 2020
Dr. Pancholi gave me back my confidence.

Dr. Pancholi of cosmetic surgery of Las Vegas and his staff is absolutely astonishing! I was recommended to Dr. Pancholi from a friend and her results were aww-mazing 😍 ! So, I booked my zoom consultation with the Dr. Pancholi. During my zoom consultation he was; pleasant, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease, he answered all my questions. After we hung up. I made my appointment for a couple months out and I traveled from Alaska to Las Vegas to get my BA surgery from Dr. Pancholi. I am so, so, so happy with my results… Dr. Pancholi gave me back my confidence. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend Dr. Pancholi!!!

—Vita B