MTF Breast Augmentation Las Vegas

Dr. Pancholi is highly experienced in MTF breast augmentation and offers several procedure options for transgender patients. He prides himself on helping patients achieve the aesthetically pleasing breast contours they desire with compassionate care and a commitment to safety and privacy.

The importance of choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon for your breast surgery

While many aspects of MTF breast augmentation and traditional breast augmentation are similar, there are special considerations a cosmetic surgeon must make for transwomen or non-binary transfeminine patients to ensure a safe surgery and natural-looking results, such as:

  • Your chest width and length before surgery, which is likely wider than a cisgender female chest
  • The amount of natural breast tissue and skin you have, which may limit how large an implant is appropriate
  • Whether or not you are taking hormone therapy, which will affect your natural breast characteristics

Not every cosmetic surgeon has training or experience in the nuances of MTF breast augmentation. As a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and one of Las Vegas’s most highly sought-after cosmetic breast surgeons, Dr. Pancholi has performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures for patients of all ages, gender identities, and ethnicities.

He will carefully measure your chest dimensions and rib cage contours to help you choose the breast implant shape, size, and profile to achieve as natural an appearance as possible.

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Am I ready for MTF breast augmentation?

The best candidates are individuals who are at least 18 years old, in good overall health, and fully committed to their transformation. It’s also important to have realistic expectations for the procedure, as the amount and condition of your natural chest tissue may limit what size implant is safe for your body.

If you are considering female hormone therapy as part of your transition, it’s best to start at least a year before undergoing a breast augmentation. Taking female hormones often results in some breast tissue development, which will not only affect your implant size, but also will benefit your results by providing more natural tissue coverage for the implant.

You may have to temporarily stop hormone therapy prior to and after surgery to minimize the risk of complications. Tell Dr. Pancholi if you are currently taking hormones or if you would like to; he will advise you how best to time your surgery.

Options for MTF breast augmentation in Las Vegas

Dr. Pancholi will discuss your goals at length and answer all of your questions about your top surgery during your personal, private consultation at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas. Options he will discuss with you include:

  • Silicone gel vs. saline breast implants. Many MTF breast augmentation patients choose silicone gel, as this provides the most natural breast feel with minimal chance of visible rippling or wrinkling, especially when there is very little breast tissue to cover the implant.
  • Breast implant size. What size breast implant to get for MTF breast augmentation is determined by what your body can safely accommodate, what will look most natural with your anatomy, and your personal preferences.
  • Incision placement. Dr. Pancholi specializes in transaxillary (armpit) incisions, which avoid any scarring on the breast itself. Other options include an inframammary incision, in which the scar is concealed by the lower breast fold, or around the outer edge of the areola.
  • Areola & nipple resizing. Some patients wish to have their areolas or nipples enlarged to achieve a more naturally female nipple/areola appearance after breast augmentation. Dr. Pancholi can discuss options such as tattooing and nipple reshaping with you.
  • Chest hair removal. If you have unwanted chest hair, Dr. Pancholi can talk to you about laser hair removal before or after breast augmentation to permanently reduce or eliminate the hair.
  • Additional body feminization procedures. Dr. Pancholi is experienced in feminizing body contouring with liposuction to create a more feminine shape to the waist, hips, and buttocks.

Male to female breast surgery basics

Dr. Pancholi performs MTF breast augmentation as an outpatient procedure at accredited surgery centers in Las Vegas. The procedure takes about one to two hours, using general anesthesia. Following surgery, you will go home wearing a surgical bra, which you will be required to wear for several weeks, except when showering.

How long is the recovery for MTF breast surgery?

Most patients can return to desk jobs within 1 to 2 weeks and gradually resume exercise about 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. Dr. Pancholi will provide you with complete instructions for aftercare; it is important to follow these closely to avoid complications and ensure your results heal optimally.

It usually takes about 3 months to for breast implants to finish settling into their final position and for post-operative swelling to fully disappear.

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Dr. Pancholi and his staff welcome all patients to our practice. If you would like to learn more about MTF procedures, please call 702-363-0240 or contact us online to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Pancholi to discuss your options.