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Whether you have always thought your breasts were too small or you want to restore your figure after pregnancy or weight loss, it’s all about loving the way you look.

If you’re considering breast augmentation in Las Vegas, Dr. Pancholi and his team are here for you. Call 702-363-0240 for a consultation, or read through our guide below for more info about breast augmentation with Dr. Pancholi:

What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

Here are some of the positive benefits of breast augmentation:

  • Enhancing your curves up top can make your waist look slimmer and balanced, helping you change from pear-shaped to curvy.
  • If your breasts are uneven, you can become more symmetrical, by customizing the size of each breast individually.
  • You’ll have more choices in clothing. Finally, strapless dresses will be an option.
  • You’ll have more fun bra and bikini shopping too!
  • You’ll be likely to love your body more—and this confidence is often the most rewarding part of breast augmentation.

How much does a breast augmentation cost in Las Vegas?

The cost of breast augmentation in Las Vegas starts between $6,390 and $7,990 at Dr. Pancholi’s practice. Your exact fee will depend on several factors, including your choice of implants and whether or not you are having a breast lift at the same time. You’ll receive an individualized fee quote at your consultation, and we offer a number of convenient financing options to help you fit breast augmentation into your budget.

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Why Choose Dr. Pancholi for your breast augmentation?

A breast specialist and diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Pancholi performs hundreds of breast augmentations in Las Vegas annually, using both silicone implants and saline implants. He’s known for superb results that seamlessly enhance his patients’ appearance in a natural and proportional way. His attention to detail and ability to achieve results that exceed patient expectations have earned him a reputation as one of Las Vegas‘ premier breast surgeons. Learn what to look for in your cosmetic breast surgeon »

“My experience with many implants and augmentation techniques, including scarless breast augmentation, means I can truly personalize the procedure to fit your body and thus provide gorgeous results.”
—Dr. Samir Pancholi

What should I expect at a breast augmentation consultation?

You should never feel like cosmetic surgery is “happening to you.” Dr. Pancholi will involve you in every step of the process, keeping you informed and explaining his recommendations for your surgery, your implant choice, and your recovery. We’ll set aside more than enough time for you to ask questions, get to know our staff, and browse through before & after photos of our patients who’ve had surgery with Dr. Pancholi.

“Dr. Pancholi wanted me to have implants that fit my height and proportion so he could give me the balance I needed. He spent a lot of time with me, and made me feel so comfortable.”
—Actual Patient J.J.
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Wondering what breast implants are right for you? We’ve written Las Vegas’ Guide to Breast Implants to help you get the results you want for your procedure

When it comes to choosing breast implants, you’ve got more options than ever. Dr. Pancholi can help you choose the perfect breast implants for your new look. Here on our website, you can learn about silicone gel implants and saline breast implants, what the difference is between different implant types, and what implants will work best with your body and natural breast characteristics. Also, learn about trying on implants and if you should bring a friend to your consultation. Our guide even includes warranty info and tells what it’s like to have implants.

Get all the details in our Breast Implant Guide

Come in for a consultation, and Dr. Pancholi will help you figure out the size, shape, and profile of implant that will complement your lifestyle.

How do I choose the right implant size for me?

Every breast augmentation consultation includes an implant sizing session. After meeting with Dr. Pancholi to identify your ideal size range for your breasts, review the pros & cons of each implant type, discuss your options for implant placement, and take your measurements, you will get to try on various shapes, sizes, and types of breast implants in front of the mirror.

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What does a breast augmentation surgery involve?

Breast augmentation is a relatively straightforward surgery for most of our patients. Using the latest scar-minimizing techniques, the procedure takes about 1 hour, and Dr. Pancholi only works with board certified anesthesiologists for your comfort and safety. For silicone breast augmentation, Dr. Pancholi uses the Keller Funnel, a device that allows him to place the implant quickly and precisely with minimal contact and minimal trauma to surrounding tissues. This results in a faster, more comfortable recovery and further reduces the risk of capsular contracture and infection to the breast.

Using the Keller Funnel for Silicone Breast Augmentation

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How long does breast augmentation recovery take?

You might be surprised to learn just how smooth your recovery from your breast augmentation can be. If you have a desk job, you can probably return to work in less than a week and you’ll be feeling up to most daily activities in about 2 weeks.

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