Ear Pinning Surgery in Las Vegas

Ear Reshaping for Children and Adults

Prominent ears can be emotionally distressing for young children and adults alike. Otoplasty works to correct prominent ears, by reshaping and/or repositioning the cartilage of the ears so they lay closer to the head and have a more natural appearance.

Performed with an incision hidden on the back of the ear, the cartilage is removed, refined and contoured into a more natural position and appearance. Stitches are then precisely placed to maintain the new form and close the incision.

Advantages of having otoplasty as a child

Performing the procedure earlier in life can reduce teasing and the negative self-image a child might develop as a result. Dr. Pancholi can perform otoplasty on children as young as 5 years old, when the ears are fully developed. For younger patients, he may recommend general anesthesia, administered by a board certified MD anesthesiologist, to make the experience more comfortable.

Otoplasty for adults

Adults who have always thought about changing the appearance of their ears can benefit from otoplasty as well. With an improved ear contour, you will have more options for wearing your hair without feeling self-conscious about your ears and enjoy a more refined balance to your facial features overall.

We offer complimentary consultations

Whatever your age or concern, Dr. Pancholi can help you achieve more natural and proportionate ears. Please call or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation for you or your child to learn more about otoplasty.