Liposuction in Las Vegas

If diet and exercise just aren’t providing the shape you desire, liposuction may be your answer. Although not an ideal substitute for weight loss, liposuction has become a popular way for people to achieve the shape they want.

What should I look for in a liposuction surgeon?

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon who has an experienced eye for shaping and prioritizes sculpting over fat removal can be key in achieving results that meet your expectations and goals. It’s not what fat is taken away, but rather what is left behind that provides the contours and curves we want. Dr. Pancholi understands this, and he can help you not only lose unwanted fat, but also reveal the stunning shape nature designed you to have.

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How much does liposuction in Las Vegas cost?

The cost of liposuction with Dr. Pancholi generally begins at $5,990 for the first area, with $2,000 for each additional area treated. This includes your surgery, anesthesia, accredited operating room fees, compression garments, and routine post-operative visits. Costs can vary widely depending on the areas treated, your personal goals, and the amount of sculpting needed to achieve a superb result. We’ll provide an individualized fee quote at the conclusion of your consultation. We offer several financing options to help you fit your liposuction procedure into your budget.

How does liposuction work?

Liposuction’s primary target is the fatty layer between skin and muscle. Its secondary target is the skin. The fat layer is treated by removing fat cells. This is most commonly performed with a suction cannula. The fat cells that are removed won’t “come back,” and the sculpted fat that remains helps provide your new shape and contour. While the cannula is busy removing fat, the skin is being stimulated to shrink. This helps the skin adapt to the new smaller body shape and size.

While there are many different tools and technologies available for liposuction, VASER ultrasonic liposelection is Dr. Pancholi’s “paint brush” of choice for precision sculpting, particularly in those wanting that swimsuit ready, fit look.

When VASER is utilized, the fatty layer is first treated with a thin probe that delivers ultrasonic energy tuned to target fat cells. The fat cells break apart and are then suctioned away with a cannula. This technique can provide Dr. Pancholi with greater precision when sculpting the body. Those wanting to maximize their shape can also consider utilizing the fat that is removed and having it placed elsewhere on the body such as breasts, hips, buttocks, and calves.

Liposuction to sculpt the lower back

In this short video, Dr. Pancholi shows how he strategically sculpts an area to enhance a patient’s natural assets.
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Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

In the abdominal area, we store fat in two main areas: between the skin and abdominal muscles (extra-abdominal fat) and beneath the abdominal muscles and around the organs (intra-abdominal fat). Liposuction can treat extra-abdominal fat while intra-abdominal fat (the beer belly) is treated primarily with dietary changes. The ideal liposuction candidate is healthy, does not smoke, and does not have any major medical conditions.

It is very important to have a stable body weight with a realistic diet and exercise program. A person who gains significant weight after liposuction will typically gain weight elsewhere on the body while developing an odd and lumpy appearance where liposuction was performed. One who loses weight will typically improve in appearance up to a point until the skin can no longer contract to keep up with the fat loss. In this case, other surgical interventions may be needed to trim away and tighten the skin.

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Should I lose weight be before liposuction?

When considering liposuction, your weight is key. Although most people have a goal weight in mind, this number should be achievable and maintainable. Crash dieting to an unrealistically low number on the scale will often result in rebounding back up to a weight that your lifestyle dictates.

A better approach may be to commit to a diet and exercise program that is realistic for you to reach and maintain a healthy, stable weight. Doing so before you have liposuction will help your results last longer and more likely result in you being able to return your regular diet and exercise program—and hopefully lose a few more pounds, rather than gaining weight and developing a look you may not like.

How is liposuction performed?

Tumescent liposuction is the foundation for many liposuction techniques and has resulted in gentler liposuction with less swelling and an easier recovery. This technique involves using a saline solution containing an anesthetic agent (lidocaine) and a medication to shrink blood vessels (epinephrine), which work to limit post-operative pain and enhance recovery.

The amount of fluid and medication is customized for each patient and may be adjusted based on how many treatment areas are involved or other medications that you may be taking. This fluid is infused into the fat layer until the tissue appears swollen or “tumesced,” hence its name. After the fluid is given time to take effect, a small suction cannula is moved through the fat to specifically and purposefully remove targeted fat and sculpt an attractive shape to the body.

The cannula movement under the skin will stimulate it to shrink to a certain degree.  The younger, tighter, or better condition the skin is in, the greater ability for the skin to shrink to your new shape and form.

After surgery, there will be some residual fluid in the area, which your body will absorb harmlessly over the next several weeks. Walking early in the recovery period helps to move the fluid out and is strongly encouraged. Also wearing a compressive garment, which we will provide, will help to compress the tissue, form your new shape, and remove excess fluid.

Liposuction: Sculpting vs. Fat Removal

The most experienced liposuction surgeons consider every line, curve and detail to sculpt an area, rather than just taking out fat. Dr. Pancholi shows his technique in this short video.
Warning: video contains graphic images of live surgery procedures. Viewer discretion is advised.

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How long is liposuction recovery?

You will feel achy and sore for the first 5-7 days. This will improve little by little over the next 3-4 weeks as the swelling decreases and your new shape starts to reveal itself. As the swelling decreases, your skin will shrink and may feel itchy. Your shape will continue to develop and improve over the next 3-6 months as your body continues to heal. Dr. Pancholi will tell you how much fat has been removed so you can have a better idea of what your new weight after liposuction is and to provide a new reference point for weight gain and loss.

Download our patient handout for details on liposuction recovery

What’s the difference between “regular lipo,” Smart Lipo and VASER liposuction?

Other liposuction technologies work in conjunction with the tumescent technique. Laser liposuction (e.g., Smart Lipo) starts with the tumescent technique of saline solution infiltration and suction cannula removal to treat the fat layer. It then uses targeted laser wavelength to treat the skin. Using the skin as a target, the goal is to heat the skin from the inside to cause it to contract. Individuals with loose or thin skin can benefit from this added attention to the skin.

VASER Liposelection is gentler for a shorter, easier recovery

Ultrasonic liposuction (VASER Liposelection) starts by delivering tumescent fluid. Prior to any suctioning, a small probe is used to deliver ultrasonic energy to specifically target and emulsify fat cells. The emulsified fat then spills into the tumescent fluid and is gently suctioned out. This technique is thought to be gentler than standard tumescent technique since the fat cells are uniquely targeted and the nerves and blood vessels are left undisturbed, resulting in less damage, pain, and swelling compared to standard tumescent “suction first” methods.

VASER achieves more precise sculpting and improved skin contraction

The VASER technique provides Dr. Pancholi with greater precision when sculpting the body. Delivery of the ultrasonic energy can be customized to create the shadows, curves, and lines that make the difference between just a “thinner” look and a sculpted, shaped, and fit body. Additionally, the heat generated from the ultrasonic energy helps shrink the skin to a greater extent than tumescent liposuction alone, translating to better skin tone & appearance with your new slimmer shape.

Can the fat cells come back after liposuction?

The fat cells in the body increase in number until around puberty. At that point, the number of fat cells becomes fixed and they just shrink and grow with weight loss and gain. Since liposuction removes fat cells, you will no longer experience the same pattern of fat gain and loss in those areas.

However, if an extraordinary amount of weight gain occurs, the body may start to make new fat cells again. This would provide an unfortunate appearance and is another reason that a stable body weight, diet and exercise program are important.

Learn more at a consultation

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Pancholi and see how your body can be shaped to achieve your goals, please call or contact us online. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you get started on improving your shape and your confidence.