Las Vegas Microneedling

Write off sun damage, stretch marks, fine lines and more with the Dermapen®

Beautiful skin doesn’t have to mean going “under the laser.” Microneedling harnesses your body’s natural healing process to reduce fine lines, reduce sun damage, minimize scars and get smoother, more radiant skin, without heat, harsh chemicals, or abrasion.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a skin resurfacing treatment that uses dozens of microscopic needles to make tiny, invisible openings in the skin. Your body interprets these openings as “injuries,” and sets the natural skin healing process in motion. In the weeks following a microneedling treatment, your skin will produce new collagen and elastin, and replace damaged skin cells with fresh, healthy and unblemished skin cells.

The benefits of microneedling are numerous:

  • Achieves more even skin tone and texture
  • Clears blemishes and improves congested skin
  • Smoothes fine lines and lessens the severity of deeper wrinkles
  • Excellent for minimizing stretch marks, acne scarring, visible pores, and other issues that are difficult to treat with other skin resurfacing methods
  • Safe for all skin types, even darker skin, and can be used on the face, hands or body

Why we use the Dermapen at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas

There are many microneedling devices on the market, but we trust the precision, built-in safety controls, and predictable results of the Dermapen.

The Dermapen was specifically designed to reduce the risk of dragging or “catching” the skin, so you will not experience the risks or side effects associated with older devices. In addition, the Dermapen’s patented tip technology is highly customizable to allow the device to reach the precise skin layers desired for optimal collagen production and cell regrowth.

What to expect with your microneedling treatment

Microneedling is an in-office procedure, performed in one of our comfortable treatment rooms at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas. During your treatment, we will gently and precisely move the pen-like device across the skin in the treatment area. Depending on your individual needs and goals, we offer the option for topical applications of serums to the treatment area, so that they may absorb into the skin for maximum effect.

Discomfort during microneedling is minimal for most patients; you may feel a stinging sensation as the Dermapen glides across the skin. Most patients resume normal activity immediately after treatment, though you may experience very slight redness, swelling or sensitivity in the area for the first day or two, depending on the level and aggressiveness of the treatment sought.

You should notice an improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance about 4 to 6 weeks after treatment, and results continue to improve as your skin produces new collagen. Most patients choose to have 3 to 6 treatments, depending on their skin condition and desired results.

Learn more about microneedling at a consultation

Whether you are hoping to improve visible signs of aging and sun damage or gain an overall healthier and more beautiful complexion, microneedling may be the perfect treatment for you. You can find out at a consultation with our experienced, licensed skin care professionals at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas. Contact us today!