MTF Body Feminization Las Vegas

Body feminization options with Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi

Achieving a feminine body shape that more closely aligns with your gender identity is possible. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi is one of Las Vegas’s most sought after body contouring specialists and can help you achieve your goals with advanced transgender body contouring techniques.

How can I get a more feminine body shape?

While diet, exercise, and hormone therapy can help a person develop more feminine features, these steps are not always fully effective. If your figure is not as feminine as you like, Dr. Pancholi can perform liposuction with or without fat injections to help you achieve a more female-like form. By carefully sculpting fat from specific points on the waist, hips, thighs, and torso, he can:

  • Narrow the waist to create the appearance of wider hips
  • Sculpt the upper torso to create a more slender appearance
  • Remove fat from the lower back, waist and thighs to accentuate the buttocks
  • Inject fat into the buttocks to create a fuller, rounder backside (similar to a Brazilian butt lift)
  • Restore a more feminine balance to your proportions
  • Sculpt a more slender, feminine shape to the thighs, knees or ankles

How does MTF body surgery work?

Creating a more female form requires careful sculpting and great skill from the cosmetic surgeon. As both a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon and sculpting artist, Dr. Pancholi is considered an expert in body contouring. He typically uses VASER Liposelection for body feminization, as this ultrasound-assisted technology allows him to sculpt in great detail with less impact on the patient’s tissues. Additionally, VASER separates and removes fat more gently and cleanly than other liposuction techniques, resulting in higher quality fat to use for fat injections.

For patients, the VASER procedure results in less downtime and a significantly more comfortable recovery. Read more about VASER Liposelection »

Am I ready for male to female body contouring surgery?

The best candidates for MTF body contouring are at least 18 years old, in good overall health, and fully committed to their transformation. It’s also important to have realistic expectations. While Dr. Pancholi is highly skilled and can make dramatic improvements with liposuction, your natural anatomy will factor into the final result. For example, if you have very broad shoulders and narrow hips, liposuction alone will not be able to create a dramatic “hourglass” shape. If additional procedures will better achieve your goals, Dr. Pancholi will discuss this with you.

Tell Dr. Pancholi if you are currently taking hormones or plan to in the future. Although being on hormones is not required to undergo MTF body contouring, many patients experience changes to their figure as a result of hormone therapy. You and Dr. Pancholi may decide it’s best to wait until you are sure what effect hormones will have before moving forward.

Finally, it is essential to disclose all hormones and other medications you are taking. You may need to stop hormone therapy for several weeks before and after surgery to ensure your safety and avoid complications.

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