How much do breast implants cost in Las Vegas?

Why do breast augmentation costs seem to vary so much?  Here in Las Vegas I’ve seen quotes ranging from under $3000, to over $7000.  Is one doctor that much better than the other? Are they doing or using something special?  When I take a closer look, the differences really aren’t there.  So why the big price difference?

To completely understand things, let’s take a look at ‘the parts’ of the total surgery cost.

First is anesthesia: This will allow you to comfortably sleep while the surgery is being performed.

Second is the surgery center fee: This allows you to have your procedure performed safely at an accredited center dedicated to surgery.  It comes with all the reassurance of having hospital grade standards, equipment, staff, and nurses, but without the hassle and costs of a hospital.

Third is the surgeon’s cost: This is what your surgeon will charge to perform the actual breast augmentation.

Fourth is the cost of your breast implants:  The price is different for saline and silicone implants as the breast implant manufacturer typically charges the doctor around $1200 more to buy silicone implants.  Many times this cost will be lumped into the surgeons cost and other times not.

To return to the question of why the big difference from $3000 to $7000?  The costs of anesthesia, surgery center, and breast implants are relatively fixed.  The biggest variability comes with the surgeon’s fee.

The Big Lure.

One thing I noticed is that many board certified plastic surgeons around Las Vegas will advertise only the surgeon’s fee. So when you see the billboard saying “Breast Augmentation for $3000!!!” realize that’s only part of the cost.   Expect additional charges to cover the cost for anesthesia, surgery center, and implants.

Another common tactic is to present the surgery almost like a car dealer would present the entry level versus fully loaded car.   An example is where the surgeon will tell you the price advertised is only if the implant is placed above your chest muscle.  If you want the implant under the chest muscle, that costs more.  The problem with this tactic is that for the average person, placing the implant under the chest muscle holds many advantages.  Once you realize this and opt for under the muscle placement, you’ll be paying much more.

So what questions should you ask on the phone to get to the bottom line and figure out what you’ll be paying when its all said and done?

Is there a price difference if…

  1. The implants are smooth or textured?
  2. The implants are saline or silicone?
  3. The implants are placed above or below the chest muscle?
  4. The implants are placed through the nipple, breast fold, or under arm?
  5. Does this price include anesthesia, surgery center, and costs of breast implants?

Realize when it’s all said and done and you’ve asked the above questions, the costs will be very close.

Cheap Breast Implants in Las Vegas

Nobody wants to have surgery at the bottom dollar store, nor do they want to over pay.  Price is important, but how can you further narrow your options?  One of the best ways is to look at the surgeons results.  Every surgeon has an aesthetic eye.  Look at patient before and after pictures for each surgeon and see if their eye, artistry, and skill match what you want.  Not all breasts are created equal, nor are all board certified plastic surgeons skills.

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