Fixing Extra Belly Button Skin During Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

las vegas abdominoplasty bellybuttonAs one of the most popular procedures currently available, the tummy tuck addresses loose skin and excess fat deposits in the stomach area, and may also be focused on concerns with the belly button. A variety of issues with the belly button may be adjusted during a tummy tuck procedure.

As one of the world’s most popular cosmetic procedures with the most noticeable results, tummy tucks are chosen by patients of both genders to address the persistent fat deposits and excess skin that often remain following significant weight loss or pregnancy. One area of skin accumulation tends to be over the belly button, affecting the appearance of even a well-muscled and fit abdomen.

Tummy Tucks Can Effectively Improve Belly Button Appearance

Patients at various stages of weight loss may be concerned about the appearance of their belly button, which has a major impact on the look of the stomach. A well-positioned and properly formed belly button is crucial for those wishing to proudly display their weight-loss results.

According to an article by EmpowHer, a University of Missouri study has found that the ideal belly button is an innie, meaning that that it dimples inward and creates a small recess. It is also relatively small and vertically oriented rather than horizontally. Some experts also believe that a slight hood of skin across the top of the belly button gives the best appearance, with the skin extending from the eleven o’clock position to the two o’clock position when considering the belly button as a clock face.

During their initial consultation, patients should discuss their goals and wishes for their final belly button appearance. This is also a good time to talk about any other concerns they may have and any major upcoming events that could affect recovery. Patients may also wish to discuss integrating other procedures for maximum results, including liposuction, thigh lifts, buttocks lifts, or a mommy makeover, in which the patient undergoes a breast augmentation in addition to the tummy tuck.

Image by planetc1 on Flickr.

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