Mothers and Daughters Choosing to Have Cosmetic Surgery Together

las vegas cosmetic proceduresIt has become increasingly common for mother/daughter pairs to undergo cosmetic surgery together. It is likely that this trend has sprung from an increased comfort with discussing cosmetic procedures with family and friends, a stark change from previous generations.

One influential mother-daughter team that may have had some effect on this trend is Melissa and Joan Rivers. This pop culture duo has been covering the worlds of entertainment, fashion and culture for so long that they have become permanently enmeshed in the pop culture themselves. In this case, their openness and interest in cosmetic surgery may have helped boost this developing trend.

Having a Cosmetic Surgery Partner Improves Recovery

This trend may have some real benefits for the patients, as having a trusted support person with you through the entire procedure may have significant benefits in the long term. At each step of the way, through preparation, surgery and recovery, these mother-daughter teams can feel confident that someone they love and care about is going through the experience with them.

One mother-daughter combo from Los Angeles was recently featured on Good Morning America. The daughter, Stefanie, who is 38, was interested in a mini mommy makeover, including procedures to address her stomach and breasts, which had developed a defined sag. Her mother, 65-year-old Lynda, had some issues with her neck that she wanted to adjust.

Lynda flew down from Canada in order to undergo the procedure with her daughter, and was looking forward to bonding during the procedure. In their words, the situation was “a nice thing” and that they appreciated that they “could be a support system” for one another. Their surgeon noted that this was a good thing, due to the crucial nature of the support system during recovery from cosmetic surgery, which improves healing responses and improves spirits.

Image by mikebaird on Flickr.

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