What steps should I take before getting breast implants?

The best thing you can do before getting breast implants is get to know your procedures.
Read about breast implants and surgery:

A great source for information about breast implants is the FDA website.  Their site explains breast implants, the surgery, and the studies performed on both saline and silicone implants.  The information is presented objectively, in an easy to read format, so it may help guide your decisions and preferences.
Talk to your friends:
Friends may have had the procedure performed and perhaps they can provide some insight on their experience and recovery.  You might take the information with a grain of salt, as what your doctor recommends for you may be different than your friends.
Consult with multiple surgeons:
Visit with a few different doctors and get a feel for what is being recommended.  Different doctors may provide options that others did not e.g. placing the implant through the under arm instead of through the nipple.  Also get a feel for the office staff.  Are they happy?  They are typically a reflection of the doctor and the environment you will be a part of during and after surgery.

Make sure you meet the doctor.

Does the doctor’s attitude reflect positively upon you?  You want to feel comfortable that your doctor will care for you after surgery and not brush you aside.  The same goes for the staff.

Does the doctor’s work reflect your expectations?  Make sure to review before and after pictures.  These should be readily available and explained. Reputation is one thing – results are another.

Understanding these issues beforehand will allow you to come away with a much better sense of the overall process, and hopefully place you at a much higher comfort level before surgery!

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