Can bad scars from breast lift and breast augmentation be revised or corrected?

breast augmentationThere are scar revision procedures that can lessen the appearance of scars. You should wait at least a year after your breast augmentation or breast lift for the scar to mature. During this time you will notice the scar lighten, fade, and smooth out.

If your scar is lumpy, bumpy or raised, you may have a hypertrophic scar or keloid scar. Different medications can be injected directly into the scar to help soften and flatten it out. Silicone tape/creams are also known to help flatten and improve the overall appearance, along with Vitamin E.

If it’s really dark and red, realize it will fade over time. There are creams such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, and others, which can aid in that process. Products that contain tretinoic acid are also helpful to increase skin turn over and get newer skin to the forefront.

Know that all of these products have a time and place. Talk to your doctor before using them, because if used too early in the healing process or for too long of a time, complications can arise. Finally, if scars have widened over time, the option always remains to have them surgically revised in our office.

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