Avoid the “black market” Botox; find a qualified Botox provider in Las Vegas

botox cosmetic imageA dermatologist in Huntington Beach, California was recently reprimanded for injecting non-FDA approved botulinum toxin into ten patients. The doctor avoided buying Botox Cosmetic, the FDA-approved wrinkle treatment made by Allergan, to try and save a few bucks. He wasn’t the only one. Turns out nearly a hundred dermatologists and plastic surgeons purchased the black market Botox at medical conventions, not realizing it wasn’t approved for use in patients.

This news highlights how important it is to find a reputable surgeon or dermatologist for your procedures, whether they are a few Botox injections or something more invasive. Dr. Pancholi is a well-respected cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience using Botox injections and additional medical training specific to the face.

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