At Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas, Respect is Paramount

mercedes-benz12I have always urged my staff not to make negative judgments about those who walk through our door. It’s part of medicine, my practice, our society, and our culture to be fair. Every once in a while though, we all need a little reminding that people deserve our respect first; they have the opportunity to lose it, but should never have to grovel to gain it.

Unfortunately, my first and only experience at Luxury Motors of Las Vegas was quite the opposite. I was interested in 2 cars, both of which were for sale on their car lot. I had done my research, knew the prices, and wanted to compare them side by side.

Dressed casually, I arrived excited to make my decision between them. I was promptly greeted and shown the car. I was ready to drive it; and that’s were things changed. I was told by the salesman that I appeared to “just want to test drive some cars”. He was right, I told him. I came there because they had the cars I wanted. From here, I was informed that they don’t do that at Luxury Motors of Las Vegas. I asked how one buys a car if they can’t drive it. He responded with a question. If I drove the car and liked it, was I prepared to purchase the car that day? I made it clear, this was not an impulse purchase and that day, no cars would be purchased.

He needed to talk with his boss. Apparently a think tank needed to convene regarding my worthiness to drive a car that was parked at Luxury Motors; as if that brought further value to the car. They contemplated and I became further insulted. I walked up to him and his senior, handed them my business card, and informed them to contact me if I was worthy to drive their car. As I walked out, they both did their best to walk and not run towards me and apologized, ‘asking’ if I would reconsider and drive their car. Suffice it to say, they made a poor judgment and it cost them a sale. I won’t be purchasing a car from Luxury Motors.

This experience was my reminder of how those in the service industry, in positions of power, however little it may be, often lose sight of their role – to serve.

In my practice, I realize that you have options. If you have come to see me, it is because I am one of many who offer a service you desire. I get that, and rest assured so does my staff. We realize you need to come in and ‘test drive’ our office; you deserve that. And you deserve to see how this practice is different from others in fulfilling your cosmetic surgery desires in a safe, educated, comfortable, and personalized manner.

My practice strives to provide you with the best possible experience. If you experience anything less, do not hesitate to email me directly at

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