A Man’s Guide to Looking Great for Swimsuit Season

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It’s a common misconception that only women care about looking good in a swimsuit. Not true! Men want to look their best come summertime too, and with fewer men’s swimwear options to camouflage “problem areas,” one could argue that shaping up for swimsuit season is an even bigger challenge for men.

If the thought of strolling poolside in a pair of trunks makes you cringe, Dr. Pancholi and our experienced aesthetic team are here to help. We know a thing or two about helping guys look great, as men make up a sizeable portion of our patients at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas. We’ve put together this short guide with tips, tactics, and treatments to help you prep for your finest pool party season yet.

Swimsuit Up for Your Body Type

One easy way to play up the positive aspects of your physique is to pick your swimwear and other beach/poolside attire wisely. This means choosing the right fabrics, colors, and cuts for your body type. A few rules of thumb:

  • Wear dark colors to minimize a gut. Black, navy and dark grey are slimming colors that draw attention away from your belly. Horizontal stripes are a bonus—popular to contrary belief, they make you look longer and leaner.
  • Pick drawstrings over elastic waistbands. Drawstrings let you choose where the waist hits and how tight it fits, helping you downplay lovehandles or belly fat.
  • Get stuff that fits. Men, extra-baggy clothes are not a solution to hiding flaws. Whether you think you’re too skinny, or you’re carrying extra weight, baggy clothes will just look sloppy and accentuate what you dislike. Swimsuits, tees, and other casual clothing that is well-fit to your natural proportions deliver the classiest, most flattering look.

Take these tips with you to the store to shop with greater confidence, or check out this more in-depth guide for how to buy a men’s swimsuit from the Art of Manliness.

early male swimsuits
Men’s swimwear fashion has changed a bit since 1913, so mark these onesies off your list.

Get Professional Help to Make Long-Lasting Changes

Dressing strategically can help you downplay problem areas, but imagine getting rid of the “problem” part altogether. Cosmetic procedures are a smart, fast way to make long-lasting improvements to your face and body and feel confident in your looks all year long. A few of our male patients’ top requests:

“I want to lose my man boobs, fast.”

If you dread going shirtless because of excess fat or breast tissue, you’re not alone. Gynecomastia, or “man boobs” affect upwards of half of men in the U.S. at some point in their lives. Lucky for you, male breast reduction surgery is the single most effective and quickest way to restore a flatter, firmer chest contour.

Dr. Pancholi can often perform male breast reduction using VASER liposuction, an advanced lipo technique that minimizes tissue trauma and allows you to return to the office in less than one week and get back to the gym in less than 3 weeks. Results are typically bare-chest ready in about 2 months.

“Dieting has done nothing for my lovehandles.”

If there’s any attire that reveals excess fat around the flanks, it’s a swimsuit. One of the most effective ways to lose stubborn lovehandles is liposuction. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can safely remove just the right amount of fat to sculpt an improved shape to the torso. You’ll be ready to reveal your slimmer bod in about 6 weeks, after most post-op swelling has gone away and you no longer need to wear compression (you’ll be back to work and the gym much earlier).

“I’m tired of this belly fat, I want flat abs.”

Logged hundreds of hours at the gym, but still have a gut? Again, consider liposuction. It remains one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Dr. Pancholi specializes in VASER ultrasonic liposuction technique, an ultrasound-assisted technique that allows him to remove fat and sculpt an area in detail—a great choice for accentuating a hard-earned six-pack.

If you’re more bothered by sagging skin—likely if you’ve lost a lot of weight—abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, may be the best option.  A longer recovery is required, but it’ll be worth it in exchange for greater comfort in clothing and confidence in your body.

“I look like a Yeti without a shirt on.”

A little hair on your chest is one thing, but there’s definitely such thing as too much body hair. However, daily shaving or painful waxing may be the last thing you want to endure. Laser hair removal can help you reduce unwanted hair on your chest, back or belly and other areas in just a few treatments.

Whatever you do, take care of your skin

Confidence great enough to walk around in a Speedo is useless against harmful UV radiation from our powerful Las Vegas sun. You need to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, minimum SPF 30, on exposed skin any time you go outdoors to reduce risk of potentially deadly skin cancer. Don’t forget daily skin care, including moisturizers and antioxidants to slow visible skin aging. Stick to medical-grade skin care products, available only through a licensed physician, which contain clinically tested, higher-strength ingredients to ensure they are safe and that they work.

Be discerning when choosing a skin care provider. A man’s skin is physiologically different from a woman’s and requires a knowledgeable approach to ensure safe, effective treatment and natural-looking results. Make sure the person you choose is experienced in men’s skin care treatments.

Want personalized advice for improving your looks? Contact us.

If you’re a man who’s motivated to make changes to your appearance for summer, we can help you achieve your goals. Dr. Samir Pancholi is highly experienced in male-specific cosmetic procedures for the face and body. He will be glad to discuss your Las Vegas men’s cosmetic surgery options during a consultation. Contact us today.

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