Your Breast Implant Sizing Session

Since 2006, Dr. Pancholi and our staff have helped thousands of patients in Las Vegas choose just the right breast implants—and each of these patients had their own unique tastes, lifestyle, and body proportions to fit. Sizing matters, but that doesn’t mean fixating on numbers.

When you come in for you consultation, our goal is for you to see yourself from top to bottom in a variety of implant options, and look to see what implant fits you best. Dr. Pancholi will take measurements, incorporating your rib cage shape and dimensions, so we remain within your anatomical constraints. You will be able to choose from a full range of implant sizes and profiles.

breast implant sizing with dr pancholi
We have dozens of breast implant options for you to try on to find the right look.

How Does My Sizing Session Work?

After meeting with Dr. Pancholi, discussing the look you may have in mind, and getting measurements, Dr. Pancholi will focus on implant sizes that fit your anatomy. Then, using our special bra, you will try on different implants to see what matches up with the look you have in mind. You’ll have a full-length mirror to see how different shapes and sizes influence your overall figure. If you like, we can take photos of you in different sizes of implants, in your clothes, so you can go home and review and your different breast implant options.

Dr. Pancholi will guide you to make sure you don’t pick an implant that doesn’t fit, such as one that results in very wide cleavage or would end up too far on the side of your chest. Otherwise, we are using your eye to see what you like. In the end, you will choose your implants with some guidance from Dr. Pancholi. When you’ve figured out what you like, Dr. Pancholi will confirm that your choice works and our staff will assist you in scheduling your big day!

“This is the third doctor I’ve done a consult with and I must say I was the most impressed with Dr. Pancholi, his staff and office. I plan to have my augmentation done there soon. They really listened and answered all my questions. They lead you to the size and style implant that you’ll be most happy with without telling you CCs along the way. They even had comfy robes and Tshirts to use during the exam/fitting. All the staff are super nice and I really enjoyed my visit.”
—Breast Augmentation Patient
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Tips for Trying on Implants

Your new breast shape will be a part of you, and your life. So you will want to create a realistic snapshot of the real “you” at your sizing session. Think of it a bit like remodeling your house: you’d want to consider the color of your kitchen cabinets when you choose a new color to paint the walls, so that the overall aesthetic is enhanced. A few tips to help you get a clearer picture of which implants work best for you:

  • Bring a few different outfits to your sizing session. Make sure these are clothes that you already wear, and vary in style, from your favorite tank tops to your work wardrobe to more formal attire.
  • Make sure you bring a low-cut, plain T-shirt. This will help you focus on how different implants affect your cleavage and will give you a “baseline” outfit that is free from distracting patterns or embellishments.
  • Consider bringing a close friend for honest feedback. While your opinion matters most, sometimes an objective outsider can help point out what really looks like “you” and what does not.
  • Remember why you’re getting breast implants. You might think the smaller implants look good, but if you’ve been looking forward to showing off your great cleavage, you may be happier with something larger. Likewise, you might agree that larger, high-profile implants are eye-catching, but if your goal is more balanced proportions, be sure not to go overboard.

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