Breast Asymmetry Correction

Getting Even: The Truth About Breast Asymmetry

If you are self-conscious about the way your breasts look due to variances in size, shape or appearance, you are far from alone. Dr. Pancholi can help you achieve beautifully symmetrical breasts through customized surgery with breast implants, breast reduction, or a combination of both.

How common is breast asymmetry?

Are you a little bigger on one side? Most women are. In fact, it’s far more normal to have some degree of asymmetry between the breasts than to have a perfectly balanced figure. These differences can be seen anywhere from the rib cage, to the chest muscle, to the breast itself.

For most women, the difference is small enough that it’s only noticeable on a strictly personal level: you fill out your bra a tiny bit more on the left, or your right nipple is a little lower.

But significant asymmetry is more common than you might think. For some, it is severe enough to prevent them from wearing the clothing they wish to, and the way they feel about their bodies keeps them from enjoying personal relationships.

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What causes uneven breast size?

The shape of your rib cage may be to blame! If you have a history of scoliosis, or twisting of the spine, one side of your rib cage might sit a little more forward than the other, making your breasts look a little out of balance.

In others, the chest wall can bow out (we doctors call it “pectus carinatum”) or bow in (pectus excavatum). How do you know if either of these terms applies to you? Take a look in the mirror:

  • Do you have what you consider a wider cleavage?
  • Do your breasts seem oriented toward the outside?

These are good signs that your chest wall bows out to some degree. When this is the case, your breasts tend to slide to the side, cleavage is wide, and your nipples point outwards.

On the other hand, if your chest wall bows inward, your breasts may tend to slide toward the middle, you’ll have a narrow cleavage, and your nipples point inwards.

What other types of breast asymmetry can be treated?

It’s not (all) about the size. Let’s not forget that asymmetry can appear in more than just a “one side is bigger than the other” way. Even if you’re a straight C-cup across the board, it’s also fairly common to have asymmetry in the following respects:

  • Breast shape discrepancy: this can happen for a number of reasons, one being if the base width of one breast is smaller on one side, causing a more narrow breast shape.
  • Breast droopiness: even sagging can vary from one side to another, as the structure of the breast tissue can vary from one breast to another.
  • Nipple & areola differences: the size, shape, and position of each nipple and areola might vary.

What can Dr. Pancholi do to improve my breast asymmetry?

Even if you are reasonably satisfied with your symmetry now, Dr. Pancholi’s goal is to create breasts that match each other as closely as possible in size, shape, and position. To achieve this, he measures your chest and breast dimensions, the degree to which the rib cage bows in or out, as well as any existing asymmetry. Dr. Pancholi takes all this into consideration when planning your breast augmentation surgery.

If you have more noticeable asymmetry, particularly with your rib cage, choosing the correct breast implants can help balance things out and improve upon your existing breast shape on both sides. Dr. Pancholi will help you choose implants that will get you the look you want, and then adjust the size and placement of each implant to best achieve breast symmetry. As every patient is different, Dr. Pancholi uses both his artistry and surgical skills to provide you with the best possible outcome.

“Dr. Pancholi and his whole team have been the best!  I’d had 3 breast surgeries (2 different doctors) due to major asymmetry problems (A one side & other side a D), but no success on achieving at least ‘normal’ asymmetry….From my experience with my last surgeries I didn’t get my hopes up, but Dr. Pancholi over-delivered my expectations like a 1000%. He listens to all your concerns and delivers! I have so much confidence now and for once feel normal…that meant so much to me, for everything I been through knowing this was finally my last surgery.”
—Actual Patient of Dr. Pancholi
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