Breast Augmentation Incisions & Scars

Dr. Pancholi is experienced in the latest incision techniques, including “scarless” breast augmentation

Why worry about where your incisions are? That’s up to your surgeon, right? True, incisions aren’t the most fun part of breast augmentation to think about, but you need to know your options, because where your incisions are, your scars will be too.

Many of Dr. Pancholi’s patients come in and request incisions their friends have because they healed nicely. Overall, each technique will provide equally nice looking results, will hurt the same, and will heal the same.

Dr. Pancholi has extensive fellowship training and over 10 years of experience performing breast augmentation for hundreds upon hundreds of patients—all who have different needs when it comes to surgical approach. As such, he has trained in and performs three types of incisions for placement of silicone gel, form-stable gummy bear, and saline breast implants.

Transaxillary Incision: In the Armpit

The transaxillary placement is our most popular placement option. What better way to enhance the breast than to leave the scar off of it? The incision is discretely hidden in a wrinkle or crease in the highest part of your underarm.

Dr. Pancholi uses a special camera & instruments that allow excellent vision and precise placement of the implant. It is a minimally invasive approach and takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. A common misconception is that the incision is placed on the side of the breast. Rest assured this is not the case. He routinely places both silicone gel and saline breast implants through this approach.

Peri-Areolar Incision: Around the Areola

Another common approach is the peri-areolar incision. Here, the incision is made along the lower border of the areola. The contrasting dark and light color skin helps camouflage the scar, as our eyes tend to focus more on the colors of the skin than scar along the border of the areola.

A common misconception is that you’ll lose nipple sensation with an incision along the areola. In reality, the best way to prevent loss of nipple sensation is to choose a sensible implant size for your body. Studies show that changes in nipple sensation after breast augmentation are more often a result of larger breast implant sizes than incision choices.

Inframammary Fold Incision: Under the Breast

Your final option for placement is through the infra-mammary fold, or the crease under your breast. A lot of surgeons prefer this incision because it is very easy to access the space where your implant will go. Also, if you need major revision surgery, this incision can be useful.

However, the scar tends to be slightly more visible compared to the other options, as there is nothing to camouflage it, other than clothing. Additionally, this scar can migrate over time from the fold upwards to the underside of the breast. However, it is still a fairly easy scar to hide for most women.

The inframammary fold incision is usually necessary if you choose the newer form stable “gummy bear” breast implants, due to their need to be positioned and oriented precisely.

Which of these incisions is right for me?

Overall, choosing your incision will mostly be up to your preference, unless your body or implant choice limits your options. Seeing how your friends heal and looking at their scars is a good start, but keep in mind that everyone is different and on occasion, a particular incision may help to achieve a better outcome.

Cosmetic surgeons who have undergone extensive training in the full range of breast augmentation techniques, including more complex options such as the transaxillary breast augmentation, tend to offer more minimally invasive options for placement. Other surgeons may be reluctant or discouraging if they are not comfortable performing this method of placement, and say that one incision technique is “the best” based on his or her own skillset and comfort level.

If you are interested in a “scarless” transaxillary breast augmentation, it is worth your time to seek out a cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Pancholi, who is trained in these techniques and performs them regularly.

Discuss your options at a consultation

We hope the above information helps you understand the basics about breast augmentation scars. Coming in for your consultation, getting a full assessment, and discussing your options can really help you understand what unique circumstances your body presents and what will help achieve your best result. Call or contact us online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pancholi in Las Vegas.