Cosmetic Breast Surgery Patients on TODAY Show

In their recent Life Changers series Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have been highlighting different ways that Cosmetic Surgery can impact every day life. This episode introduces two women with different perspectives.

Erica Moseley, the first guest, was an A-cup and had always dreamed of larger breasts. She says, “I would be in my room praying ‘Please let me wake up and have boobs’ and it just didn’t happen, so one day I just woke up and said, “It’s happening –­I’m getting it done.” Strutting her stuff with an invigorated smile just 12 days after breast augmentation, she says she is “more than happy” with the results.

Jeanne LeBlanc, 4’9” with a triple-D wanted her smaller frame to be more proportioned, so she opted for a breast reduction. “She has neck, back, shoulder pain, rashes under her breasts, says her surgeon Dr. Steven Teitelbaum. The bra strap hurts her and her bra strap even creates a groove on her shoulder. So she just has about every kind of symptom and reason to have a breast reduction” On the show after the surgery Jeanne enthusiastically comments: “I saw my stomach – I saw my stomach for the first time in the shower.”

Dr. Teitelbaum, their plastic surgeon, was also a featured guest on the TODAY show. He talks about some of the technological improvements that have occurred over the last 20 years and how health insurance can help in some cases with the cost of breast reduction surgery.

It is safe to say from this video that the size of the breast is not the most important factor, but the comfort and confidence of the patient.

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