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October 28, 2020
Dr. Samir Pancholi is boob king!

I’m petite 5’1 129 lbs. We decided with 470cc under muscle extra high profile Natrelle soft touch gel cohesive to replace previous implants saline 210cc. Two months post-op breast is dropping and settling well. With new breast my bra size is now 34 DD and it’s perfect for my body and stature. I absolutely love my boobs the shape, how soft it feels. Dr.Pancholi did an amazing job and I will recommend him to everyone!


October 22, 2020
I’m blown away!

I’m a transgender man and had my top surgery with Dr. Pancholi a month ago and I’m blown away! The office is so clean and beautiful and every person on the staff is so friendly and kind! They were able to get me in quickly which is really impressive for top surgery and he gave me realistic expectations for the healing process and explained everything to me. I’m so happy with my results and can’t wait to see myself when I’m fully healed. Dr. Pancholi definitely made me feel welcomed and cared for and I’m just so happy!

—Logan Grayson

October 6, 2020
He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing.

I have had a breast augmentation done (in California) in the beginning of 2019 that did not go well, I was in so much pain and I did not know why. I ended up having to have an emergency surgery two days later that lasted six hours due to my implant migrating into my armpit and getting a blood clot half the size of an iv. A year later my left breast sat more slightly to the left, making it very round and I would have to adjust it constantly. I finally was able to get a revision done ($). After extensive research and meeting with numerous doctors across Las Vegas I came across Dr. Pancholi. From the moment I called to get information on whether they are taking new patients, to my in person consultation, to surgery I am VERY satisfied with the service and help I received. I am one day post op and I FEEL GREAT. How I feel now compared to my first surgeries is incomparable. I am able to feed myself, use the restroom on my own (I was not able to do anything after my surgery in 2019)… I highly, highly recommend choosing Dr. Pancholi as your cosmetic doctor. He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. He goes into detail without you having to ask questions and leaves you feeling confident in what you ultimately will be deciding. I am very satisfied with my results that I felt it necessary to leave a review. THANK YOU.

—Ashely R.

October 2, 2020
He is a perfectionist!

I highly recommend Dr. Pancholi. He is a true professional that is dedicated to his work. His staff, coordinator, and nurses are so kind and caring. I was blown away by his beautiful office and state of the art surgical center which is right on site. Very convenient for appointments. I feel like he listens to every detail and does a fantastic job at making your suggestions a reality. He is a perfectionist! I am so happy with my results and am very glad I chose him as my doctor.

—Trisha Chamberlain

September 27, 2020
He is a perfectionist!

I highly recommend Dr. Pancholi. He is a true professional that is dedicated to his work. His staff, coordinator, and nurses are so kind and caring. I was blown away by his beautiful office and state of the art surgical center which is right on site. Very convenient for appointments. I feel like he listens to every detail and does a fantastic job at making your suggestions a reality. He is a perfectionist! I am so happy with my results and am very glad I chose him as my doctor.

—Trisha M.

June 4, 2020
I would give more stars if I could…

I am very satisfied with this doctor and this place. I’ve had to discuss with many surgeons to decide what is best for my health having ruptured breast implants, and what doctor should I pick- one who cares about what concerns me, and has the patience to answer all of my questions(I do have a lot of questions :)) and does not hide anything, nor rushes me. Doctor Pancholi has a lot of experience, and he really does his best for you to have great results. His staff is very professional too. I needed to have a very difficult procedure done, and I am glad I picked him over the other very popular doctors here in LV who wouldn’t care so much about me, but more for the money. This place is not cheap, but it does worth every money spent here. I would give more stars if I could, but don’t have this option.

—Vio A.

March 11, 2020
If I could do it all over again, I would…

Went to him twice both breast augmentation procedures, he was the only one in town confident enough to do my procedure through the armpit, even after my procedure the staff kept in contact with me to make sure I was healing properly. Mrs. Juliet helped my breast drop with a device used to soften the muscles and made sure I was pleased with the results. If I could do it all over again I would with this exact doctor and team. I love the office and staff of Dr. Pancholi!!

—Lizbeth Perez

March 7, 2020
My surgery and recovery was so easy.

I have always been scared to do something like this. I figured the process for breast augmentation was going to be hard or unbearable but that couldn’t be further than the truth. So a complaint I saw was that Dr.Pancholi charges for a consultation, time is money and if you’re serious about enhancing your body you’ll value this man’s time. Each appointment I was educated on what was going to be happening to my body. My surgery and recovery was so easy. I as a part time gogo dancer and cosmetologist returned to work after 2 weeks. I am really happy with my results; I’ve never felt so confident with myself.


February 22, 2020
I can see my eyes again!

Wow! I’m 70yo and my daughter talked me into doing eyelid surgery and I’m so glad I did. I can see my eyes again!! Love, love Dr Pancholi and staff I was treated like a queen. And, I maybe going back for more.

—Marylou Gourde

February 14, 2020
They treated me like a VIP!

Dr. Pancholi performed an upper blepharoplasty (upper eye lid surgery) on me, and I’m absolutely thrilled!! His staff were friendly, knowledgeable and they treated me like a VIP! His new office and surgery center are absolutely beautiful. Thank you Dr. Pancholi! I’m thrilled with my younger looking eyes and my husband loves the results too!!

—Melanie Hobson

January 13, 2020
Dr. Pancholi did amazing work…

Dr. Pancholi did amazing work. I am so happy with my new look. He is very knowledgeable and does clean work. Thank you so much Dr. Pancholi and all your great staff like Rose, Michelle, and Jennifer.
Loyal patient for sure

—Nina A

December 28, 2019
I came to Dr. Pancholi for a breast augmentation…

I came to Dr. Pancholi for a breast augmentation. I had a unique situation, I naturally have asymmetrical breast’s due to scoliosis. During our consult he was great at explaining all my questions before I even asked them, so I chose the go with him. I needed two different implants to create symmetry in my breasts. I went with 520ccs in my left and 580ccs in my right breast to create the symmetry in size and fullness. I was so nervous about the two sizes but his staff (Juliet) were great about easing my nervousness by allowing me to come back in and try different size implants until we landed on what we did, which was his original suggestion. He was very honest about how they wouldn’t be exactly perfect due to my scoliosis, but very close which I appreciated. I am now one week post op and so far I’m happy with the results, he was spot on about what I could expect. Can’t wait to see how they look down the road as I continue to heal!

—Christy Perez

December 27, 2019
After what it seems a lifetime of working out…

After what it seems a lifetime of working out without seeing the results accurately reflected on my body shape I decided to undergo liposuction. For this once-in-a-lifetime decision (at least for me) I wanted to go with the best- and Dr. Pancholi surpassed my expectations. The body that I see now in the mirror has been completely transformed. There should be a clear disclosure that when Dr. Pancholi provides his clients this procedure it does not merely include the removal of fat. He is an artist that creatively uses his skills as a sculptor to create the definitions and curves you would never have thought possible. I can now see the accurate portrayal of the efforts I put into my exercise and eating regime- it’s quite rewarding! I have the body I never imagined I could have. I would only recommend Dr. Pancholi to anyone interested in having this procedure done. In addition, he is down to earth, provides realistic and honest council. Staff is the sweetest! Extremely thankful.

—Cyma Jo

December 23, 2019
A spouse caretaker point of view…

-A spouse caretaker point of view-

After My wife expressed interest in cosmetic surgery benefiting her life in more ways then one, we began our research. As there seemed to be hundreds to choose from, we went with our instincts and choose to set up a consultation with Dr. Pancholi. From the initial phone etiquette to the first real life introduction, we were pleased and impressed. The staff and doctor were friendly, courteous, and not uncomfortably serious but professional. After meeting and communicating with Dr. Pancholi himself we knew he was a doctor we could trust, by his bedside manners, articulation, and educated and formal responses. The BIG DAY! I dropped off my wife and waited. I recieved many calls and texts to assure me I wasn’t forgotten about and my wife was safe and well. I was greeted outside of the hospital where a nurse sat me down. With excitement, she told me Dr. Pancholi was eager to speak to us. Dr. Pancholi arrived and advised how well my wife did, and how great her surgery went. He was confident and expressed how happy he, her. and I will be. He gave me some simple instructions and we went about our day. I took my wife home (hotel) for the night, seen the doc the next day, and went back home ( real home ) after that. It is now 3 weeks post opp and I am the most pleased with how happy my wife is with the results and as pain has subsided she frequently smiles with excitement of confidence.
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Pancholi for you or your loved one’s cosmetic needs!!!

—mindy watt

December 23, 2019
5 Star Review


—Courtney Ryanne

December 23, 2019
Dr. Pancholi and his staff…nothing short of astounding…

Dr. Pancholi and his staff…nothing short of astounding. I have gone back and forth with having a tummy tuck for 12 years now. Fear being the biggest factor. Fear of surgery, fear of undressing in front of a complete stranger and fear of not being happy with the result. Body insecurities finally won the battle over fear. I chose my first consult with Dr. Pancholi based off reviews and research. I was in no way disappointed from phone etiquette to being welcomed into the office. I was made to feel comfortable every second. The office manager Juliet and Dr. Pancholi listened to everything I had to say. They listened to my wants, my fears, my what if’s. When it came to unrobing In front of the Dr. I started getting that deer in the headlights feeling. But within a few seconds I felt completely ok. He was so professional but not to the point of being cold. He explained things in a way I could understand and actually visualize what he was explaining. He didn’t try to make me feel like I needed extra work done. He wasn’t pushy at all(A pet peeve of mine). He was candid and honest, which is huge for me. I knew the moment my consultation was over he was the Dr. for me. I am now 1 week post op and even though there is still swelling, I know I made the right choice in trusting Dr. Pancholi. Every day has been easier than the day before. The results are emotionally perfect. The only thing I’m disappointed in is the fact the he and his staff aren’t my Family Dr. We need more Dr/Staff/Humans like this. Thank you Dr. Pancholi and staff.

—Regina Watt

December 21, 2019
Going to Dr. Pancholi was absolutely amazing…

Going to Dr. Pancholi was absolutely amazing I had injections and fillers done and I am so thrilled with the results they took the time to listen to what I wanted and what was best for me. All of the staff there is so friendly caring and truly want what’s best for you I can’t wait to go back and get more done. The consultation took time and I did not feel rushed at all I trusted the doctor and the staff and it was well worth it. This is a 5 star place and if you are looking to get anything done you’ve gotta go see doctor Pancholi and staff

—Brandy o

December 20, 2019
I had been wanting to undergo the Vaser hi-def…

I had been wanting to undergo the Vaser hi-def procedure for a few years now, however; I kept putting it off until I found Doctor Pancholi and his team: Juliet, Michelle, and Rose.

There are very few places I’ve been that make you feel as comfortable and as welcomed as Doctor Pancholi’s office. As soon as I walked through the office doors I was greeted with the exceptional hospitality and warm smiles of Michelle and Rose. After checking in, I met Juliet and Doctor Pancholi who made me feel incredibly comfortable with the way they explained everything to me with the utmost professionalism.

Thank you for not only giving me the confidence to go through with the procedure, but also for making me feel so comfortable and welcomed.



—Eric Viverito

December 20, 2019
5 Star Review


—Mildred Rasay

November 12, 2019
5 Star Review


—Tristan Mamula