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January 15, 2019
I am writing about my experience because…

I am writing about my experience because I thought that I would NEVER feel good again and I couldn’t find any other experiences about the emotional side of this pricess, only the ones about pysical healing. Even up to the 4 week mark, I was questioning whether I had made a bad decision. Did I screw up my perfectly healthy, working body? WHY did I choose to do this to myself? My husband was so…


January 15, 2019
I am SO pleased with how my vagina turned…

I am SO pleased with how my vagina turned out. I was always uncomfortable with the excess skin pulling. After I having labiaplasty, it is like night and day. I stand up, no hanging skin. I go to the bathroom, it’s not a circus. After the 1st day post op, I had NO pain, and no need to take pain meds.


January 7, 2019
I was very pleased with Dr. Pancholi and…

I was very pleased with Dr. Pancholi and his staff. His bedside manner is outstanding. He makes great suggestions and is very real and honest, which is exactly what he should be! So happy with my experience. I will be back for sure.

—Crystal Schulz Home Loans

December 12, 2018
Dr. Pancholi and his staff are amazing! I…

Dr. Pancholi and his staff are amazing! I had a breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier! The recuperation went great! I highly recommend! Thank you Dr. Pancholi and staff!

—Karmeen Espadas

November 24, 2018
If you want to enhance your appearance and…

If you want to enhance your appearance and gain confidence – book your appointment with Dr. Pancholi now! I just had my first appointment with him and am extremely pleased with the results. He looked me in the eye when talking to me, asked me what areas I’d like to change and helped me get the look I wanted. He was incredibly professional as was his staff. All in all a very great experience. I’ll definitely be going back.

—Lindsey Simon

November 13, 2018
I have seen two plastic surgeons in the past…

I have seen two plastic surgeons in the past and trust me, Dr.Pancholi is excellent and is a miracle worker! I saw the results immediately and I am so happy! I recommend him for everyone!

—Veronica Delarosa

November 13, 2018
Just had Botox from Dr Pancholi and it was…

Just had Botox from Dr Pancholi and it was unlike any experience I've ever had. I've been going for Botox for years other places and got the same thing done year after year, the technique Dr Pancholi used was one of an artist! I felt no pain at all and love my results!! The best I've ever had! I'll be back for fillers! I also have to shout out his incredible staff who made me feel VIP through the process explaining everything and having a nice conversation with me.  I highly suggest this office for anyone looking for a high quality experience and results!

—Courtney K.

November 2, 2018
I would definitely recommend Dr. Pancholi….

I would definitely recommend Dr. Pancholi. I recently had a "non-surgical rhinoplasty" & I love how my nose looks! The procedure was quick & not painful at all. I was told I would have some bruising & swelling naturally but I haven't had much at all! This has boosted my self confident immensely. Thank you so much to the doctor & staff which were all so friendly & attentive.

—Daniela S.

October 30, 2018
I only have great things to say! Juliet…

I only have great things to say! Juliet and Dr. Pancholi were so educated and helpful with my experience. The facility was very clean and inviting. I would highly recommend this place. I had Bella Fillers put in my cheeks and jawline. Wow did it turn out amazing! The perfect contouring I was looking for. 🙂

—Tierra Baer-Warndahl

October 29, 2018
Hi, I had a breast augmentation with Dr….

Hi, I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Pancholi back in July and I am highly satisfied with outcome. The healing process is great and the surgery was in and out. Before the surgery, Dr. Pancholi was very informative in more ways than one and is highly professional. I've received many compliments of the outcome of my surgery and I'm very happy that I went to Pancholi. His staff has been professional every time they have called or anytime I have been in their office and for me that is just as important as Dr himself. I will reference others to come to get their procedures done here 100%.

—Alysha M.

October 24, 2018
Dr.pancholi was the most amazing doctor throughout…

Dr.pancholi was the most amazing doctor throughout my whole breast augmentation experience. I felt confident when I left my consultation that I was in good hands and once having had the surgery comfortable enough to ask questions and confide in him. Not to mention the work he did was great I have received multiple compliments and reccomend him every chance I get. I would highly reccomend dr.pancholi for breast augmentation. He will not let you choose the wrong size for your body type and he truly cares about his patients!

—Krystal A.

October 22, 2018
Dr. Pancholi is amazing! I drove from Cleveland,…

Dr. Pancholi is amazing! I drove from Cleveland, OH to see him. His staff is very friendly and professional. The office is a nice clean inviting space. I felt comfortable right when I walked into the office. Dr. Pancholi is very knowledgeable and thorough. He walks you through the procedure and informs you of everything you need to know. He answered all of my questions and concerns without me asking. I never felt rushed or pressured to make any decisions. I’m very happy I chose Dr. Pancholi for my breast augmentation. Definitely worth the drive!


October 20, 2018
Niralee is the best! She goes above and beyond…

Niralee is the best! She goes above and beyond to help you achieve results and I will continue going back–so happy! I'll post before & after pics soon!

—Raina K.

October 17, 2018
I had the best experience at Dr. Pancholi…

I had the best experience at Dr. Pancholi office. My appointment was at 1 pm but they got me in super early. Did not have to wait. The staff was really helpful, as I was so nervous to be getting my lips augmented. I have never had prior work done. DR. Pancholi explained in detail what he was going to do but also listened to what i had wanted done. Overall for my very first experience I give this place a 11 out of 10 cause it was that good.

—Ashley G.

October 13, 2018
Glad i came to Dr.Pancholi i am 3 weeks post…

Glad i came to Dr.Pancholi i am 3 weeks post op & i am soo extremely happy,,. I was a little scared of surgical procedure & pain!!But WoW  in my experience i have had Zero pain and I'm loving the heal process… Doctor & his staff are AMAZINGLY freindly nd always welcome me with smiles Always answering my  calling with questions. Honestly I've never experienced such nice & freindly staff..Im also having Dermaneedle treatments and my skin has got so much healthier nd clear… my aestetician Niralee is awesome… So a big Thank to Dr.Pancholi & Niralee… I am one happy lady!It's really nice to be around them,, i love that they treat me like they have known me for ever., in fact i feel like i don't want to leave ha ha!!Great smooth experience!!

—Alexa B.

October 11, 2018
Awesome experience, Dr. Pancholi and his…

Awesome experience, Dr. Pancholi and his staff was really friendly. I love Dr. Pancholi’s office, very organized and clean. My whole experience was incredible, I’m in love with my new twins, they’re really nice. Thank you Dr. Pancholi and his staff, keep up the good work.

—fish ko

October 9, 2018
Where do I start with dr pancholi. He made…

Where do I start with dr pancholi. He made the change happen with my stomach. I am forever grateful for his work and his passion and his love for his patients. I feel at home every time I go into the office and I wish I was there more often. This isn’t plastic surgery it’s fixing what’s wrong and it helps me be more confident in the industry I am in and a personal preference. Thank you for helping me and helping everyone else. I have met so many people and they always speak highly and I am so happy I found you. You have a forever client/patient . I will be coming in for that brotox! Love you and the entire staff!

—Lee L.

October 8, 2018
Back in 2015 one of my breast implants went…

Back in 2015 one of my breast implants went flat! It had been since 1998 so I had to find a doctor. I found Dr. Pancholi by chance, he had purchased my previous Dr’s practice. I wanted to get this fixed quickly so his staff helped out in every way to help me get all the pre-op stuff completed in a timely manner. Dr. Pancholi has a very good “bed side manner.”  He explains all the options and answers all your questions. He has a calm about him that puts you at ease. That surgery went very well. I was very happy with the results and recovery was easy. Then, after about 15 months later, my right breast started to get hard which resulted in a capsular contracture. This is a risk in having implants, but a small risk, and I unfortunately had it in my right breast. I had the corrective surgery done in early September. It’s been 4 weeks and I am happy with the results so far. A one hour surgery ended up at 2 1/2 hour surgery because of his willingness to be thorough. He explained what had happened and what steps he was taking post surgery to be sure o was healthy. Again, he is very good at explaining everything in detail. His staff continues to be friendly, personable, and caring even with some staff turnover. I would recommend anyone to consult him before making final decisions!  Thank you Dr Pancholi and Staff! You are all appreciated!

—Faith B.

October 7, 2018
Pancholi is my number one pick for any cosmetic…

Pancholi is my number one pick for any cosmetic procedure and/or fillers! I’ve been a customer of his for over 10 years. His work is always perfect and I have always been absolutely satisfied with the results!! The most important thing is trust when it comes to your relationship with a cosmetic surgeon… I have to say that I can 100% blindly trust that Pancholi will do what is absolute best for my look and never deviated away from a “natural beauty” look. His work looks flawless and natural. Furthermore he is so humble, polite, caring and all around very pleasant. Gives back to his customers and the community. His practice has grown infinitely over the past 10 years and I couldn’t be more happy for him and his AMAZING STAFF! Best doctor in Vegas – my vote always

—Mervat B.

September 28, 2018
You'll never meet a more caring, detail…

You'll never meet a more caring, detail oriented surgeon than Dr. Pancholi. He never rushed me. I felt like a priority when we met from consultation through to all my post op appointments. He never hesitated to respond and answer questions and takes time to make sure you understand everything. Not only is Dr Pancholi amazing but his staff are the most caring and patient people. They are all a pleasure to work with. If you want an amazing, skilled surgeon, then look no further and reach out to Dr. Pancholi today!

—Jennifer T.