Face and Neck Lift

Achieve the maximum benefits of facial rejuvenation with a full lower face and neck lift. This powerhouse procedure is an ideal choice for rejuvenation of the lower face and neck, providing lasting, dramatic results.

While the face lift portion works to correct signs of aging that become visible in the face area, the lower neck lift provides a special emphasis on areas below the chin and around the neck.

Why Undergo a Face and Neck Lift?

Over time, the lower cheeks or jowls can sag, neck skin becomes lax and fat can accumulate under the chin. This procedure focuses on all of these areas to provide long lasting aesthetic improvement to the lower face, jaw line, neckline, chin, and other more subtle aspects.

Incisions for the lower face and neck lift start in front of the ear, follow its contour to the back of the ear, and then hide in the back hairline. One additional incision is made just underneath the chin to help contour the neck.

Enhancing a Face and Neck Lift

While a face lift concentrates on the cheeks and jowls, many patients also have sagging skin or folds in the brow that creates a tired or even angry look. Likewise, aging often takes its toll on the thin skin around the eyes, causing drooping or puffiness. By adding a brow lift or eyelid rejuvenation procedure to the lower face lift and neck lift, you can achieve a more refreshed appearance to your eyes that complements your newly rejuvenated face and neckline.

At your consultation, Dr. Pancholi will discuss all of your options, so you can best decide the procedure or combination of procedures you would like to have to achieve your goals.

After Your Lower Facelift

After all repositioning and contouring has taken place, the incisions are closed with precision and extra care to keep them hidden from view within the hairline and your natural facial contours.

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