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October 20, 2016
Dr Pancholi and his whole team have been…

Dr Pancholi and his whole team have been the best!!! They have all taken care of me from beginning to the end of my procedure, recovery & follow ups!! He is a true master of reconstruction breast surgeries and if he can be the best at that he can do everything great! I've had 3 breast surgeries (2 different doctors) due to my natural breast had major asymmetry problems by having to do a major lift and breast implants were put in but no success on achieving at least normal asymmetry. I always go into a surgery expecting at least 70% to be normal asymmetry breast due to knowing how many surgeries I've had and from my experience from my last surgeries so I don't get my hopes up but Dr Pancholi over delivered my expectations like a 1000% . He listens to all your concerns and delivers! I have so much confidence now and for once feel normal lol that meant so much to me for everything I've  been through knowing this was finally my last surgery. I can't thank him and his staff enough, recommend him to all my friends and family and I will definitely will be back soon to finally take care of my other area of a tummy tuck since having 2 babies :).

—R. ..

August 18, 2016
This best experience of my life … I’m…

This best experience of my life … I’m one year post op and I just Thank dr.pancholi and his stuff for everything ❤️

—Facebook Reviewer

August 17, 2016
Excellent patient care I can see he really…

Excellent patient care I can see he really cares about his patients. Dr Pancholi spent much more time than I had expected just explaining everything about the procedure… He’s also very educated and super nice! All the staff were very friendly as well.


August 17, 2016
Love him!!! He’s understanding and operation…

Love him!!! He’s understanding and operation was quick he explains everything clearly and answer any questions when asked


June 10, 2016
I had my first breast implant surgery Aug…

I had my first breast implant surgery Aug 31, 2015 done by Dr Pancholi. I LOVE them. I went to 3 other consultations, and when I met dr pancholi I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon. The whole process was great…the consultation, picking out boobs, the treatment from the rest of the staff, the follow up care, it was all wonderful. Most importantly I love my surgery results. I really like the method dr pancholi uses to pick out the implant size, where you try them on without knowing the numbers, so you have to pick based on look and feel. I ended up with something different than I thought I wanted, and I couldn't be more thrilled! A well deserved 5 stars.

—Brianna O.

June 1, 2016
I just recently had surgery. I had a breast…

I just recently had surgery. I had a breast lift with silicone implants. Yesterday I was my one week post op! And I can already tell that he did an awesome job! I will recommend him highly and his staff rocks too!

—Facebook Reviewer

March 24, 2016
I received a breast augmentation from Dr….

I received a breast augmentation from Dr. Pancholi. Let me say I am overly impressed and completely satisfied! I was very nervous and a bit scared of the outcome. I truly didn't know what to expect especially never having surgery. I went in his office thinking I wanted abnormally larger breasts….I mean if you're going to pay for it, why not make it noticeable? I have a very petite frame and he recommended 400 CC and not to go larger due to more complications. I am so glad I listened to him!!! My breasts are a 32 DD and I feel sexier than ever. I'm confident to wear low cut shirts without a bra and receive compliments almost everywhere I go! Even my friends who didn't agree with my choice to enlarge my breasts absolutely love them! I am so happy that I went to him and couldn't recommend him enough! 🙂

—Lisa J.

March 22, 2016
I had breast implants done back in the early…

I had breast implants done back in the early 1990's from a surgeon who has since retired. No problems with the implants but now but now that I am 46, I decided a more natural look would be best as I age. When I was finally ready to let go of my fear of having surgery again, I went to Dr Pancholi. I was also afraid of what my breasts would look like after having the implants removed that had been in for over 20 years. So I had them removed and and an inverted T lift done. Three months later…I'm walking on cloud 9. My scarring is so light and I can't believe my breasts look so perky. Its really miraculous. I did not expect such good results. The staff is also very professional and kind. I cannot say enough good things.

—Laurie C.

March 2, 2016
Dr.Pancholi and his staff are fantastic….

Dr.Pancholi and his staff are fantastic. They all welcome you in and are very friendly. I highly recommend going to see Dr.Pancholi and his staff for any cosmetic procedures! 🙂

—Yelp E.

September 29, 2015
Great staff ! Dr was patient and has given…

Great staff ! Dr was patient and has given me the best results so far in Las Vegas . I'm from Los Angeles ( Beverly Hills) area where most doctors are top notch. Not so much in Las Vegas but my experience here was top of the line !

—Ann Marie S.

August 17, 2015
I have them done 2 years ago. Everything…

I have them done 2 years ago. Everything was great and i am very happy i have chosen him! The only thing is that you will need somebody to help you because of the underarm incissions as you cannot lift your arms too much. Now we have a baby and they still look natural and perfect. The underarm incissions are invisible so i reccommended this doctor to all my friends.


August 17, 2015
I am currently 34 days post op, i had rhinoplasty…

I am currently 34 days post op, i had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. I am very happy and pleased with results. Dr pancholi is awesome surgeon and I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to have plastic surgery in las vegas. I love everything about him and his staff 1.excellent patient care pre op and post op 2.super nice staff, very kind with welcoming attitude 3. Surgery…


August 4, 2015
I know first hand thinking of getting plastic…

I know first hand thinking of getting plastic surgery of any kind can be scary. There are so many options and decisions you must make. But I can honestly say that choosing Dr.Pancholi to be my surgeon was one of the best decisions I made. From the moment I sent an e-mail inquiring about breast augmentation surgery to my 3 month follow up I have been nothing but pleased with how professional and friendly Dr.Pancholi and his amazing staff have been. At my consultation Dr. Pancholi was very honest with me, and did not feed me with unrealistic expectations. He, and his staff, eased my mind about the surgery, explained each step thoroughly and really listened to what I wanted. My surgery went amazingly, my results are more than I could have ever expected and I am so incredibly thankful for Dr. Pancholi and his work. Thank you so much for giving me more confidence! I will definitely see Dr. Pancholi again if I want any more cosmetic work done! He is simply the best.

—Summer F.

July 31, 2015
Dr. Pancholi and his team are the best. I…

Dr. Pancholi and his team are the best. I did a ton of research before deciding to have surgery. I had several consultations and did not really like any of the doctors. The second I met Dr. Pancholi I knew he was the surgeon I wanted. He is very sweet and takes his time during the consultation. He listened to everything I wanted to have done and then he gave me his input and recommendation. I wanted Lipo on my arms,  inner thighs, outer thighs, and a front thigh lift. He was very honest and only agreed to do my inner thighs and arms. He explained to me why having my outer thighs and a front thigh lift was unnecessary and could actually make my legs look worse.  I really appreciated his honesty and was impressed he didn't just agree to do it just to do it (as the other doctors I had consults with said nothing about the risks and were ready to do it all). I am 2 weeks post-op and I am already excited about my results. I am still pretty swollen (normal), but I can already see a big difference in my inner thighs. My arms are still swollen; so I can't tell yet, but he told me results start to show at 1-month post-op and really show at 3 months post-op. I just have to be patient. They provide you with compression garments that are really nice – high quality. His office staff is amazing. Michelle was extremely helpful in scheduling my surgery and with the financing piece. Stephanie is just the sweetest thing and made me feel so comfortable.Morgan is also great and helped with the post-op ultrasound sessions. His whole team is just fabulous. The office is very pretty and they play nice relaxing music. They also have great robes. I would recommend him to anyone.

—Carla K.

June 28, 2015
Amazing doctor w amazing staff! U don’t…

Amazing doctor w amazing staff! U don’t need to ask any questions cause straight away everything is explained. Dr. Pancholi is definitely a person who wants to help U, not to take from U as much money as it’s possible. Unfortunately it happens very often w different specialists… My lips look totally super cute! Thanks! It’s a pleasure to visit U Guys!

—Facebook Reviewer

May 29, 2015
Dr.Pancholi and his staff are absolutely…

Dr.Pancholi and his staff are absolutely amazing! I will forever refer people to him! My surgery and recovery went great and so far I love my results! I have never been more happy or confident in my own skin thanks to Dr.Pancholi!

—Facebook Reviewer

May 28, 2015
My sister found Dr. Pancholi and had heard…

My sister found Dr. Pancholi and had heard and read good things about him! Called the office and spoke with Michelle she gave me instructions on the next step. I applied online and my husband was approved withing a few minutes. I had vacation in 3 weeks so needed to get in fast. Spoke to Michelle again and  she called me back in a few minutes with great news…she got me in 2 weeks prior to vacation.  The process was extremely easy and fast. Was a little apprehensive about the whole surgery in general. Everyone, especially Dr. Pancholi made me feel very comfortable and confident. It is only 5 weeks out but I have had a great healing process with minor pain past day 3 of surgery. My breast and scars look amazing. Morgan, Michelle, and Stephanie are all amazing and were so helpful as well. I cannot wait to see my end results and if I ever need anything else I am definitely going back to Pancholi!! I would recommend him to everyone!!

—Amanda G.

April 22, 2015
BEST surgeon in Las Vegas. Extreme perfectionist…

BEST surgeon in Las Vegas. Extreme perfectionist and it shows in his work!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Samir S Pancholi

January 18, 2015
***Update*** After posting my Yelp in August…

***Update*** After posting my Yelp in August my wife was contacted by Stephanie, the office manager for Dr. Pancholi for a telephonic feedback of her breast augmentation and lift. My wife essentially provided all the issues I gave on my initial review of Dr. Pancholi to Stephanie and she invited my wife to come back for a consult. The consult experience** My wife was initially skeptical about returning to Dr. Pancholi's office because she feared that she wouldn't be heard again and having to pay again for work she was satisfied with. Stephanie continued a dialogue with my wife and she came around to the idea of at least letting Dr. Pancholi seeing his work a few years later. The consult was great, Stephanie and the rest of the office staff were awesome as usual and this time an older wiser Dr. Pancholi took the time to listen to her and discuss her problems. Dr. Pancholi said he would be more than happy to try and modify his previous work of no charge to her. In the months leading up to the actual surgery, Stephanie kept tight communication with my wife and was available for any issues/concerns about the surgery. On the pre-op appt Dr. Pancholi sat down with my wife and I and made sure that he heard all of our concerns and said he would attempt to remedy all the issues. The surgery went on without a hitch, my wife had slight complaints of her breasts being smaller than before and on the post-op appt Dr. Pancholi admitted he reduced the breast size in order to even them out and removed scarring from the original surgery. On my wife's three week appt, Dr. Pancholi looked at her breast.  He reduced the scarring and made the breast more symmetrical however he said he was sorry the one breast didn't turn out as he had hoped which is a contrast from 3 years ago when he kept saying the breast still needed to heal. Dr. Pancholi's honest and thoughtful admission made the biggest affect in my wife. Even though her breasts are not perfect, they are vastly improved  and she is satisfied with her new breasts. Her confidence is returning more and more everyday. I can honestly say, I would definitely recommend Dr. Pancholi in the future.

—Rhema L.

December 20, 2014
I went for my consultation today 12/19/15….

I went for my consultation today 12/19/15.  I was treated with 5 star service.  Dr. Pancholi took the time to answer all my questions for breast augmentation (revision), even credentials on plastic surgeons (How to look for an expert in Asian Rhinoplasty) Michelle even stay after hours just to answer any last unanswered questions.  They close at 2PM Friday. My consultation was 11:45AM.  I left around 2:20PM.  They did not rush me out of there.  I like the décor of the office too.

—Sandy H.