Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is intended to address signs of aging that are minor in comparison to the issues addressed during a full face lift.

Who Should Consider a Mini Face Lift?

Most often, this procedure is performed on those who are relatively young, but it can be helpful for anyone who experiences minor changes in their face and neck with aging.

Compared to traditional facelifts, the mini face lift has smaller incisions and improved recovery time while still providing natural results.

The right patient can see amazing results from the mini facelift, but a proper consultation is necessary to discuss your goals, and determine if this procedure will meet them.

I had a wonderful experience, my surgery came out beautifully, I felt well cared for before, during and after my operation. I have referred everyone I know who has been looking to improve their appearance thru cosmetic surgery, and they have all had as good of an experience as I have. Dr. Pancholi is simply the best cosmetic surgeon!!!
—A.R.H., Actual Patient of Dr. Pancholi
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Benefits of the Mini FaceLift

For such a small procedure, a mini face lift can help you confront signs of aging before you start to look older than you feel, in a way helping you reset the clock so that you continue to look a few years younger than you actually are, even as the aging process continues. With a mini-facelift, you can enjoy:

  • a more refined, youthful neckline and profile
  • firmer skin around the cheeks
  • smoother, tighter skin along the lower face and neck
  • the confidence to wear jewelry and clothing that accentuates your neckline

To learn more about how the mini face lift can reduce minor signs of aging in your face, we invite you to contact Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas for a consultation with Dr. Pancholi.