The Best Thing You Can Do For You? Drink Water! Here’s Why.


Hydration. With ads everywhere touting the hydrating benefits of coconut water, electrolyte-fortified sports drinks, and even skin care, the idea of hydration is in danger of being reduced to a buzzword. But all that talk of hydration isn’t just type.

Your body is more than 60% water—so yes, hydration is pretty important for optimal health.

But exactly how much H₂0 do you need each day to notice a difference in how you feel, or even how you look? One young author, Wil Fulton, put it to the test by drinking a gallon of water a day for 30 days, and Thrillist featured his story. Here is a week-by-week summary of what we found out:

  • Week 1: Reduced appetite. While Fulton noticed a dramatic increase in his need to visit the bathroom, he also instantly felt less hungry.
  • Week 2: Energy & confidence going up. Fulton’s energy was on the rise, and coffee was not as crucial in the mornings. He noted feeling better physically and emotionally, saying that he even felt “handsomer.”
  • Week 3: Happiness is…water! Fulton reported feeling happier within 20 days of consuming a gallon per day. By this point in the experiment, his body was accustomed to the increased amount of water he was drinking each day, and he found himself feeling thirsty more quickly than he had before, making it easier to drink plenty of water.
  • Week 4: A better you. By the 30th day, Fulton was convinced that drinking a lot of water made a positive impact. Though he admitted he might not stick to a whole gallon per day in the future, the challenge convinced him of the importance of staying hydrated.

In case you’re not completely convinced by Fulton’s experience, there are plenty of additional reasons to meet your daily quota of water, especially as summer approaches:

  • Your skin will look better. Did you know that drinking water can improve your skin? People who drink plenty of water report noticing fewer wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes than those who are not adequately hydrated.
  • Pool party season is coming: If you’re planning on attending any Las Vegas Pool Season events in 2016, make sure you stay hydrated. Not only will you be losing more water through sweat and activity by the poolside, but drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to more rapid dehydration. To stay healthy and avoid heat-related illness or injury, water consumption is crucial.
  • Your immune system will thank you. I always tell patients to be proactive about staying hydrated during cosmetic surgery recovery. Drinking enough water can facilitate the healing process, helping your scars heal better and keeping your immune system functioning properly.

Our take on the gallon-a-day experiment

Do you have to drink 128 fluid ounces of water a day to be healthy? Maybe not that much, but it’s important to consume an adequate amount. The typical rule of thumb is drinking half an ounce to an ounce of water for every pound you weigh—for the average 130 lb. woman, that’s about 8 to 16 cups. In our warm, dry Las Vegas climate, we recommend shooting for the high end of this range. And try to stick to mostly plain water—juice, soda, and flavored beverages often contain empty calories, excess sugar, or additives that you’re better off without.

What are some of the ways you’ve found to up your water intake? Let us know in the comment section!

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