What’s so great about Obagi?

ObagiMany people have heard of Obagi® but not everyone is aware that it’s the #1 Skin Care sold line exclusively by physicians.

Obagi® is known for its corrective and effective Nu Derm® System, also known as Condition and Enhance®, which smoothes fine lines and fades brown spots and other skin imperfections in just a few months.

If you have spots on your cheeks, chest, or forehead, you should know that these types of facial imperfections can actually be treated and minimized. Complaints about such conditions are typical and you’ll be happy to know that we carry a viable solution – the entire Obagi® therapeutic skin care line.

People have relatively different skin characteristics that change throughout the aging process, sometimes leading to the appearance of spots, uneven tone or a mask over the nose and cheek area. Pregnancy or use of birth control can sometimes bring about these changes.

Obagi’s Clear, uses prescription strength Hydroquinone to correct discoloration, equalize skin tones and provide uniform color.  The active ingredient is known for its fading properties.  It proactively corrects the early signs of damage by regulating the production of cells responsible for pigment in your skin.

There’s a reason why Obagi® is so popular with physicians – It actually works!  Many popular skin care product lines don’t deliver results, especially o.t.c. products.  Obagi’s prescription line is carefully formulated to achieve visibly dramatic results, so in order to use them you will need to speak with Dr. Pancholi before purchasing.

If you’re interested in lightening those dark spots on your face, chest and hands with Clear or are interested in other Obagi® products give us a call at 702-363-0240 or request a consultation here. You’ll look better and then you feel so much better about your one and only face.

If you have a friend with persistent pigmentation problems, put them in touch with us. We now know if these types of pigmentation problems go untreated, and if overexposure to the sun continues, darkening can occur to the point where even make up won’t cover it up.

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