More People Choosing Non-Surgical Procedures for the Christmas Season

las vegas non-surgical proceduresThough the retail rush at Christmastime is a well-established commercial tradition, one recent trend is a marked increase in cosmetic surgery procedures around Christmas.

As reported by the Daytona Beach News-Journal Online, more patients choose cosmetic surgery procedures before, during, and after the winter holiday season. Several regions of the country have seen increases in the number of people giving cosmetic surgery gift certificates and non-surgical procedures as Christmas presents.

More People Giving the Gift of Cosmetic Surgery

With increased popularity, openness and social conversation about all forms of cosmetic surgery, it is no surprise that people have been gifting cosmetic procedures in record numbers. These presents often come in the form of gift certificates or gift cards in pre-selected amounts, allowing the recipient to choose their favorite procedure. Other gift givers who know their recipients more clearly may be able to give them a specific procedure that they are desiring.

Many men and women choose non-surgical cosmetic procedures to get ready for the holidays. According to one Florida cosmetic surgeon, “Everybody is looking to get a little bit of a refresher during the holidays. Who doesn’t want to hear, ‘You look great this year?'”

Ivette Valdes, who received Botox Cosmetic injections this holiday season, says that she wanted to prepare for a New Year’s party with friends she rarely sees. In her words, “it makes you feel good about yourself. I think it’s money well spent. You look in the mirror, and you smile.”

In addition to non-surgical procedures such as Botox injections, dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation procedures, surgical procedures such as nose jobs are a popular gift as well. One surgeon reported that it is common for them to have adult children who purchase a face lift for their mother as a Christmas present.

Photo by Loco Steve on Flickr.

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