Our 1-2-3 Plan to Keep A Fresh Face All Summer Long

summer smileThere’s nothing like walking into a summer event feeling your best and looking healthy and radiant. If you would like to have the “wow” factor that comes from clear glowing skin, lush lips, and thick eyelashes, try our easy three-part plan. This suite of non-surgical treatments for summer offers a quick recovery period, yet brings maximum results.

1. Refresh your skin with the Obagi Blue TCA Peel
If your past “fun in the sun” days have left your face dull, blotchy, and wrinkled, it’s time to explore a solution that offers multiple benefits: the Obagi Blue TCA Peel. This peel addresses your most common concerns by tightening, toning, and smoothing sun-damaged skin. This carefully pH-balanced treatment removes the outer layers to reveal healthy new skin cells below, because the Obagi Blue Peel also accelerates the production of collagen. Best of all, your healing is complete within 7-10 days. You’ll then be ready to make a dramatic summer party entrance, donning
a glam sunhat to safeguard your results and protect against sun damage.

Benefits: improves fine lines and wrinkles; minimizes deep creases, frown lines and acne scars; promotes collagen production; smooths, tones and tightens skin

2. Get luscious lips with JUVÉDERM®
Would you like lush lips for summer? Try the dermal filler JUVÉDERM®. In addition to plumping thin lips, you can complement your new pout by treating the nasolabial folds betw een the nose and the mouth. JUVÉDERM® is made of hyaluronic acid, the same chemical that naturally hydrates the body and adds volume to the skin. You’ll see instant results and have no downtime with this procedure, but the benefits last: JUVEDERM® is FDA-approved to last up to 1 year.

Benefits: fills facial wrinkles and folds, plumps lips

3. Extend your lashes to new lengths using LATISSE®
Interested in long, luxurious lashes? LATISSE® can give them to you! From the makers of JUVEDERM® and BOTOX®, LATISSE® is a product that encourages eyelash growth and fullness while treating hypotrichosis, the medical term for the common problem of thin lashes that plague many women. LATISSE® is a simple, daily topical treatment I prescribe that’s FDA-approved. After about a month of applying LATISSE® in the same way you do eyeliner, you’ll see a noticeable difference that lasts as long as you continue the use of LATISSE®.

Benefits: Longer, fuller, darker eyelashes

If you’re thinking about combining non-surgical treatments like these to maximize your beauty potential this season, I’d be happy to discuss it with you during a consultation. Contact our office today to learn about these exciting options for making the summer of ’14 your best yet!

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