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Cosmetic surgery info you need to make the right choices

Dr. Pancholi and his staff want you to be fully informed throughout your cosmetic surgery experience. We’ve learned that an informed patient is more likely to love her results, because she knows what to ask, what to expect, and what to tell Dr. Pancholi to get the outcome she is looking for.

Don’t have surgery until you’ve read these articles

These articles will help you learn the distinction between the highly specialized focus of cosmetic surgery and the broader field of plastic surgery, why choosing where your surgery  will be performed can be a life or death decision, and why training and cosmetic surgery credentials really do matter.

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Learn more about your physical readiness for surgery

Consulting with a cosmetic surgeon is the best way to learn if you are physically ready for surgery, however, there are certain factors that can provide a reasonable assessment of your condition. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation of your body fat and is often used to determine if you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Calculating your BMI can help you gauge what areas of your health you may need to work on before seeking a cosmetic procedure. Keep in mind, however, that while BMI is a good starting point, it is not the only determining factor in your surgical eligibility and discussing your physical readiness with a surgeon is the best course of action.

For patients traveling for cosmetic surgery

If you are traveling for a cosmetic procedure, there are additional considerations you must make. Dr. Pancholi has written an eBook specifically for out-of-town patients seeking safe options within the United States.

Patient Post-Op Instructions

After your operation it is important that you carefully follow the Post-Operative Instructions for your specific procedure. Dr. Pancholi will review these instructions with you and your care taker to ensure that you understand every detail for optimum results. If you have any questions or concerns about the instructions or your surgery, please contact us immediately for an explanation.

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