Male Liposuction Las Vegas

Liposuction is currently the number one cosmetic surgery chosen by men.

The ideal male body shape is considered to be trim and athletic-looking, with broad shoulders and chest, a flat abdomen, and a narrow hip and thigh area. However, as men age, areas of fat tend to accumulate around the abdomen, waist, lower back, chest (a condition called gynecomastia), and along the chin and neck. Many men seek liposuction to sculpt these areas back to a more youthful look and appearance.

Liposuction works by reshaping the body by removing fat that lies between the skin and muscles. The goal isn’t to remove every bit of fat but to sculpt the body in to a better physique. The procedure can be done while awake with some sedation or with general anesthesia. With general anesthesia you will be asleep during the procedure.  Both are performed in a fully accredited surgery center – not in the office.

The procedure is performed by first placing tumescent fluid throughout the fat layer. The fat is then removed with varying techniques. Some of the tumescent fluid comes out with the fat and some stays behind. The fluid that stays behind will be absorbed by your body or drip from the tiny incisions used during the procedure. The more fluid that comes out the less your body has to absorb.

In many cases, Dr. Pancholi will use VASER liposelection, an ultrasound assisted technique that allows him to more precisely sculpt even small areas, such as the chin or around the chest.

How long does it take to recover from liposuction?

We encourage you to walk often after surgery as this helps the fluid come out and burdens your body less. After surgery, you will be placed in an “Under Armor” type garment that will help to compress and smooth out the tissue while minimizing swelling. You will wear this for the next 4-6 weeks or until everything settles down.

In many cases, liposuction alone can effectively correct these problem areas as men tend to retain their skin elasticity well. Others who have had dramatic changes may feel their skin is loose. In this case, further body contouring surgery may be needed to trim away the excess skin and smooth out the body contour.

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