Breast Implant Revision
Las Vegas

If your breast implants aren’t quite what you expected, we are here to help.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. Usually the results are beautiful. Occasionally, the results aren’t what were expected or time has brought a need for change.

Can Revision Surgery Help Me?

With any surgery, the risk exists for less-than-ideal results. If you are considering implant revision surgery, know that it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong the first time. Whether or not your complications stem from having surgery performed by a less experienced surgeon, receiving misguided advice for sizing, or just sheer luck, you didn’t do this to yourself. With the right cosmetic surgeon, chances are that with revision surgery you will be able to get the beautiful results you were hoping for the first time around.

What Problems Can Revision Surgery Address?

Whether you desire a size change or are experiencing asymmetry, deflation, or a complication from surgery, Dr. Pancholi can help you address your concerns. Some of the most common reasons for implant revision include:

Why Choose Dr. Pancholi?

As a specialist in breast implant repair, Dr. Pancholi has helped hundreds of women in Las Vegas correct problems with their implants through individualized breast implant revision surgery. He is known for his precision, artistry, and attention to detail.

In fact, his motivation to specialize in breast surgery grew from the realization that a lot of women in Las Vegas were unhappy with their results from less experienced surgeons. Dr. Pancholi finds revision surgery especially rewarding, as his patients regain confidence in their appearance and finally see the results they hoped for with breast enhancement.

How Can I Make Sure I Get the Improvements I Want?

Many factors are involved in improving the overall appearance of breast implants. While it’s always important to choose a cosmetic surgeon with experience in the procedure you are having, this is especially true for breast implant revision. Since your breast tissue has already been altered, you want a surgeon who has the knowledge and surgical skill to achieve optimal results for your unique circumstances.

To make the necessary improvements, Dr. Pancholi takes into consideration all of the following:

  • the type of breast implant used in your initial augmention
  • how much breast tissue you have
  • your current weight, chest & ribcage contour, and porportions
  • where the breast implant was placed
  • how many breast surgeries you’ve had already

Will Insurance Cover Breast Revision Surgery?

As breast augmentation is considered a cosmetic procedure, most likely your health insurance will not cover breast implant revision. However, both breast implant manufacturers that Dr. Pancholi utilizes, Allergan and Mentor, offer basic and premium lifetime product warranties on their breast implants for every patient who has their silicone or saline implants. The basic warranty covers the cost of new breast implants should yours deflate or rupture.

Learn More About Breast Implant Revision

If you are experiencing problems with your breast implants with another surgeon, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Pancholi. During this meeting, he will listen to your concerns, answer your questions about what’s involved in breast implant revision, and discuss all your options to help you get the results you desire.