What Women Want from Facial Rejuvenation

Wrinkle worries...A recent study published by Dermatologic Surgery journal explored what areas of the face bother women the most. Researchers surveyed 603 women aged 30 – 65 who were selected because of their expressed desire to either improve their appearance or have help achieving graceful aging. All participants were considering some form of treatment within the next two years, though were not aware of most available options.

The Survey

The study participants were asked questions regarding facial treatment preferences, their aesthetic concerns, and which areas of the face they were most likely to treat first. The women began by rating their concerns with the following areas on a scale from one to six:

  • Upper face: forehead, glabella, temporal region, eyelashes, and lateral canthal area
  • Mid-face: infraorbital, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, perioral area, oral commissures, and marionette lines
  • Lower face: jawline and chin

They were then presented with different combinations of three of the areas listed above and asked to select the area they would most likely treat first, in addition to an area they were least likely to treat first.

The Results

According to the study, women were most likely to treat crow’s feet (82%), falling mouth corners (74%), and tear troughs (72%) before other issues. Forehead lines, glabellar creases, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines were close behind.

So how did age factor in? Women 50+ years old would prefer to treat lower face features, likely due to the effects of volume loss and a sagging appearance. Women younger than 45 would treat their upper face first, probably because this is often where signs of aging appear first.

But one thing was universal: regardless of age, most of the patients were concerned with crow’s feet, the expression lines that develop around the outer edges of the eyes.

The Takeaway

The areas of concern touted by the study are often treated with non-surgical anti-aging treatments, so it’s not surprising BOTOX® and dermal fillers have been surging in popularity. Many patients also like to first see if they can treat issues such as crow’s feet without the downtime, invasiveness, and cost of surgery.

Whatever your personal concerns may be, it’s best to consult with a cosmetic surgeon about which facial rejuvenation methods will be most effective for you. Whether you want a completely non-surgical plan or are open to a mix of treatment options, you’ll benefit from a cosmetic surgeon’s extensive training, knowledge of anatomy, and large range of treatments. Dr. Pancholi works closely with his patients to determine which skin treatments, non-surgical options, or cosmetic surgery procedures are best suited to treating your individual concerns.

If you’re in Las Vegas, give us a call! Dr. Pancholi would love to help you enjoy a refreshed, youthful appearance as you take on aging with grace.

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