Want permanently plump lips?

FulFil and Verafil Lip implants in Las VegasIn the past, your options for achieving fuller, plumper lips were limited to injectable filler procedures that needed to be repeated every few months to maintain the look. But the development of a new lip implant now gives those who want to pump up their lips a permanent solution.

Although lip implants are relatively new, they are similar in many ways to breast implants. During the procedure, the doctor makes two small openings at the outer edge of the lips and inserts the synthetic implants under the skin. The implants are then filled with saline and the openings stitched closed. The healing process takes two to three weeks.

Lip implants cost significantly more than conventional injected lip fillers, but the results last for many years, not just a few months. The implants have a special coating that prevents tissue from growing on them, so if you are unhappy with your lip implants they can be removed relatively easily.

Two of the lip implant technologies now on the market are the VeraFil and the FulFil lip implant.

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