It’s That Time Again: Vote Now to Help Your Favorite Vegas Startup Win Launching Las Vegas 2016!


The second annual Launching Las Vegas award has officially arrived for 2016! This award was created to celebrate the hard work local startup companies devote to helping Vegas shine, and we want you to pick our winner!

Celebrate your favorite Vegas startup by casting your vote

The winner of the 2016 Launching Las Vegas award will be chosen by you, the voting public! Vote for your favorite startup starting now and come back to vote daily throughout the voting cycle.

Getting Started: Voting is open now through 5:00 PM PST on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Visit the official voting page to vote for your business of choice once per day for the duration of the voting period. Be sure to show your support for your favorite nominee by voting as often as you can!

The Launching Las Vegas award winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize, and the runner-up will be awarded $250.

Get to know our wonderful nominees

With a little help from our community partners, we’ve nominated the following businesses for their dedication to improving Vegas through economic growth—and the sense of purpose and passion their efforts display. Keep reading to learn a bit more about the amazing things they’re doing!


KeyIn is a resource hub for professionals all over the world to share purchasing information through validated reviews, helping industry peers find the best products, manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. Their platform makes it easier for users to purchase, maintain, and make use of the technology that is essential to their organisations by providing them with access to industry insight from peers around the world. Currently, KeyIn is a leading business-to-business purchasing resource in the medical industry and is expanding to other types of organizations.


MentalHappy helps people overcome anxiety, stress, worry, depression, and sadness through practical and fun ways. Each item in a MentalHappy “Cheerbox”, which can be sent to loved one’s who need a pick-me-up, promotes relaxation, childlike joy, positivity, self-love, and motivation. The MentalHappy team believes that happiness is a place where everyone should live every moment of each day. Their mission is that with each delivered Cheerbox, they aid someone in finding happiness within themselves and mental well-being.


Mint Locker is an innovative dry cleaning and laundry service that is tailored to the customer’s schedule, with secure, 24/7 accessible lockers. This means no more burdensome trips to the dry cleaners and no more having to adjust your schedule to fit their hours. With lockers all over Las Vegas, Mint Locker promises fresh clothes in three easy steps. Simply load and secure your locker, place your order online or with your smartphone, and pick up your fresh clothes when you are notified via email or text.

tealet logo transparent
Tealet’s mission is to create a bridge between producers and consumers. Tealet’s objective is to bring transparency to global business and consciousness to the international market. This is done through community building and education. All products have an origin, and conscious consumers want to know this origin and how their consumption is affecting the people, communities, economy, and environment of this origin. The company is a proud part of the Las Vegas community and serves as a space for the local community to gather, drink tea, and discuss ways to collaborate to build a better future.


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