The 6 Best Vegas Photographers to Capture Your Life’s Biggest Moments

Whether your oldest is graduating from high school, you’re getting married, or you’re announcing a baby, having photos of your most precious memories is important—and who you choose to capture those memories is essential to getting a great result.

Rather than simply relying on reviews, we suggest checking out a number of online portfolios and seeing whose style will be a great match for your event. To get you started, here is our list of stand-out photographers in Las Vegas.

Top wedding photographers in Las Vegas

From capturing your engagement to snapping all the special moments on your wedding day, your wedding photographer has the uber-important job of making sure the magic will be remembered for years.

M Place Productions

M Place Productions brings you a fun, talented team of photography and cinematography pros who can capture your special day from every angle. Their clients rave about their professionalism, compassion, and talent—and their work speaks for itself.

We create a fun, relaxed, and positive experience that capture moments that feel real.

M Place Productions

What Las Vegans ❤ about M Place: “M Place Productions rocked the wedding with their outstanding photography service and fun and easy going personalities. They attended a few meetings prior to the wedding, always showed up on time, gave advice, came prepared to the wedding, and made the bride and groom happy! Needless to say, I’d recommend M Place Productions for anybody’s wedding.” Review from a happy customer.

Chelsea Nicole Photography

Chelsea Nicole loves making art—and she loves helping you celebrate your love. With a flare for capturing the things that make your relationship unique, Chelsea has a vibrant but professional personality that is reflected in her work.

You are an artist and I am an artist. When we work together, it’s an energizing collaboration where we create fantastic images that will survive our little lives and journey on in the care of next generations.

Chelsea Nicole

What Las Vegans ❤ about Chelsea Nicole: “Chelsea is one of the most amazing people we have ever met. When you see the quality of her photos and work, you know that she puts everything she has into making something special.” Review from a happy customer.

Save all your best memories with these Vegas family photographers

Whether you’re welcoming home your newborn or hoping to snap the perfect family shot for this year’s Christmas cards, these photographers are well-known for providing a relaxed family environment and delivering photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

KMH Photography

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With a timeless yet modern style, KMH Photography owner Kristen Hansen has a talent for capturing your candid moments in a beautiful way. She’s been passionate about photography since she was a teenager, and her years of commitment to her craft are apparent in every shot.

My job is to make a connection with people, create art, and deliver remarkable memories that are frozen in time.

Kristen Hansen

What Las Vegans ❤ about KMH: “Kristen is a genius and took spectacular pictures of our family. We could not be happier with the result. Highly recommend her! She is so easy to work with and very creative.” Review from a happy customer.

Taylored Photo Memories (TPM)

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The close-knit team of talented photographers and videographers at Taylored Photo Memories prides themselves on capturing your most epic life moments. With years of combined experience, a knack for helping you feel relaxed in front of the lens, and a commitment to providing you with exceptional shots, families can’t go wrong with TPM.

No matter what your likes or hobbies are, we all have the adventure to live and share. Let me capture it!

McKenzi Taylor

What Las Vegans ❤ about TPM: “Life’s milestones require quality like that of Taylored Photo Memories, not an iPhone image. I’ve used Taylored Photo Memories for two Las Vegas family photo sessions and my business headshots over the past few years; each time resulted in wonderful candid images that represent my ‘lifestyle’ much better than any over-posed portraits.” Review from a happy customer.

Capture a classically sexy look with these boudoir photographers in Vegas

Everyone deserves to feel sexy sometimes—and a boudoir photoshoot is a fabulous way to capture it. The following photographers are known for their professionalism during these intimate shoots, in addition to their ability inspire and empower you to own your beauty.

Deidra Wilson Photography

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Deidra Wilson has over 15 years of photography experience, and she is truly passionate about helping you feel beautiful in front of her camera. She loves nothing more than helping women embrace their sensuality through boudoir photography—and her clients love her ability put them at ease while capturing unique and stunning photographs.

I work hard. I have fun. I make amazing photographs. And I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story with my camera.

Deidra Wilson

What Las Vegans ❤ about Deidra Wilson: “Deidra finds a connection with her clients and allows that connection to flow in the photos. She will laugh with you and make you feel so comfortable that you forget there’s a camera in front of you. She doesn’t dictate every move, she will tell you how to start and then capture the raw emotions and energy.” Review from a happy customer.

altF Photographers

Husband and wife duo John Michael and Dalisa Cooper bring nearly 30 years of experience to the table—and John’s talent for photography plus Dalisa’s business acumen make up local favorite altF Photographers. If you’re hoping for a unique shoot that yields unconventionally gorgeous results, look no further.

Whether you are doing it for yourself, the love of your life or celebrating a milestone, we dare you to get in here and play around for a few hours!

John Michael Cooper

What Las Vegans ❤ about altF: “Without a doubt, one of the most inventive and artistic photographers you will find anywhere! John and Dalisa are an incredible dynamic duo and their work truly speaks for itself! I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with them on several occasions and the images captured are stunning.” Review from a happy customer.

Who are your favorite Vegas photographers? Share your picks in the comments below!

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