Ten procedures in one day is just not safe!

Heidi Montag had 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in 1 day.

(1) Mini Browlift, (2) Revision Rhinoplasty, (3) Chin Reduction, (4) Otoplasty (ear pinning), (5) Liposuction of her Neck, (6) Liposuction of her Waist, (7) Liposuction of her Hips, (8) Liposuction of her Inner and Outer Thighs, (9) Buttock Augmentation, and (10) Revision Breast Augmentation.


She also had Botox to forehead and frown lines along with fat injections to her face. A massive amount of attention has been paid to Heidi’s obsession/addiction to cosmetic surgery. With all these surgeries being performed it’s understandable.

But where is the outrage towards the board certified plastic surgeon that performed this?

Here, the patient-plastic surgeon relationship was analogous to a child-parent relationship. Heidi asked for an extraordinary amount of work to be done at one time. And her surgeon agreed! She had surgery performed throughout her head, chest, and legs. Each spot on the body that surgery is performed, results in a stress to the body. It is standard of care to limit what’s performed at one time to limit this stress.

With so many areas treated at one time, the risks rise and we start to see flashbacks of other celebrity – plastic surgery nightmares such as Donda West.

Today, Heidi talked about getting too much Demerol to help control the pain. Her breathing rate slowed down, and luckily, the security guard noticed and called the nurse! It is amazing to me, when safety is the utmost priority, that this board certified plastic surgeon, who did extra training in breast surgery, burn surgery, and aesthetic surgery, did not have the insight to say no.

Safe surgery, results, and accountability – its more than just a board certificate.

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