She’s 79 and Looking Great in Las Vegas

I’m a single woman, 79 years old, with a grown son, and a wonderful daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I’m happy to tell you about my experience with Dr. Pancholi and his great staff. I met them 10 months ago, to get fillers – Botox and Juvederm – because my face was looking old and I wanted it to look younger. You know, fighting old age makes me feel good. I wanted the ‘outside’ to feel like the ‘in’ – young!

I live in Las Vegas with my son (the doctor) my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter. I have a busy life. We like to eat out and I play the nickel machines. I go to church and I belong to 24 Hour Fitness – just love it – and I’m going to school now with my granddaughter. We signed up for a jewelry making course, and I thought we’d be stringing beads but it turns out I’m sawing metal! [laughter] I have three good friends that go with me everywhere and we talk all the time: they are me, myself, and I.

I lived in the Mid-West, where I was a cosmetologist and I raised my son there. I always worked hard, but I didn’t mind it; I liked it. I thought I might marry again, but it didn’t work out, even though I’m lovable. Everybody loves me because I’m a nice person to be around. After being in Vegas, I knew I’d be heading back to Omaha to visit everyone again, so that’s when I decided to get the fillers. I wanted him to look at me and see what he missed out on. I saw him and he told me that Las Vegas has been good to me because I looked so fine – loved it! [laughter]

Before I called Dr. Pancholi, I looked around. I went on the computer, talked to a woman I met who had gotten Botox and Juvederm and looked great, and I went to another doctor first. His nurse showed me Before & After photos and she told me how the doctor would fill me here [pointing to her face] and lift me there and I would look great. I made the appointment and the doctor told me his nurse was wrong and that I wouldn’t look like those photos at all. And he didn’t want to give me injectable fillers.

When I went to Dr. Pancholi, he really listened to me and he asked me, “What do you want to look like?” He had a confidence about him, came across as being truthful. As I always told my son, you can put on the charm but you can’t fake character. Dr. Pancholi has charm and character, and he came across as being honest. I could tell he cared about me and what I wanted, not about money, but about my outcome.

As a cosmetologist, I worked on hair all my career life. I used to watch the women come into my salon and I would look at their faces. Some faces were square, some were elongated and some women had high foreheads. I looked at their faces as the picture and their hair as the frame. You don’t want the frame to take away from the picture. The frame makes the picture look good. Well, this is just like Dr. Pancholi; he is an artist about the face. He told me to watch as he put the Juvederm in one side of my face and told me I’d see an instant difference from that side of my face to the other. I did! He looked at my face and took time; he didn’t just quickly inject here, inject there. He worked around my eyes, my lips and on the parts of my face that needed filling out. He took his time and moved around my face until the picture was complete and beautiful!

They took all the time in the world with me

It’s a great office and a great staff; they made me feel very comfortable and took all the time in the world with me. Dr. Pancholi’s so personable, and never rushes when he’s seeing you. That’s important to me. And he tells you the truth – doesn’t over promise. In about a day and a half, the swelling went down and even though my family wasn’t sure beforehand that I should do it, everyone told me how good I looked.

It makes you want to hold your head up high and put your shoulders back

I have arthritis in my hip, but I still stand up straight. Since I got it [the Botox and Juvederm] done, I walk tall and I don’t even think about my hip! I just feel better about myself. I wasn’t sure I looked so good at first. I guess I thought I’d look 25 years younger and of course I didn’t. But everyone was coming up to me and telling me how great I looked. People communicated this to me. I walk tall — I’m ready for the runway! So, then you take all that to heart – what everyone says about you – and of course I see the difference now when I look in the mirror and I’m very happy with the results. I feel young on the inside and always have; now I look as young on the outside as I feel on the ‘in’.

What I Would Tell Others My Age Who are Considering a Cosmetic Procedure

After Dr. Pancholi gave me the Botox and Juvederm, people tell me that Vegas agrees with me. I love that! I introduce myself to people now, I say: ‘I’m Ms. H” and I’m 79 years old.’ I do that on purpose so they will say – and they always do – ‘You are not! You look so young; you don’t look a day over 60!’ If I could offer advice to others my age who are thinking about having cosmetic surgery or Botox and or other fillers, I’d tell them, ‘Don’t be afraid. Go for it!’ I don’t know how many from my generation would think about doing this. But I get compliments all the time and it just makes you feel so good.

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