No, You Can’t Have Meghan Markle’s Nose

woman resting chin on hands

Even living an ocean away, we can’t resist getting wrapped up in a royal love story—or admiring the regal looks these beauties serve on a daily basis. The leading lady this time around is Meghan Markle, an American actress who wed Prince Harry a few months ago. And just like her sister-in-law Kate, Meghan’s nose has been a popular request in cosmetic surgery offices, as reported on PopSugar Beauty.

The article not only comments on news it received of hopeful cosmetic surgery patients “flooding in with photos of Meghan Markle in order to achieve her nose,” but also lauds the fact that women are seeking a nose shape that isn’t technically “perfect”—unlike Kate’s nose, Meghan’s displays a subtle dorsal hump, or bump on the nasal bridge.

While it is indeed nice to see people admiring variations in individual anatomy, as a Las Vegas rhinoplasty surgeon who prides himself on achieving natural-looking results, I must make an important point the article missed: no matter how much you love the appearance of another person’s nose, chin, breasts, or other feature, it’s usually not possible—nor advisable—to try and achieve a carbon copy of that feature on your own face or body.

We are not Mr. Potato Head dolls (thank goodness!)

Remember, Meghan’s nose looks so fabulous on her face because it complements her other natural features so well—and those features are as unique to her in shape, size, and proportion as your own forehead, cheekbones, and chin are to your face.

While showing pictures of a celebrity’s nose you like can help you articulate to your cosmetic surgeon what features you find attractive and what about your nose you might like to change, ultimately, a great rhinoplasty result is one that enhances your nose in relation to your own face. So unless you happen to be that celeb’s identical twin, replicating her nose on your face would simply not look right.

The truth is, the surgeon you select will matter the most to your nose job results. Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures to perform and requires a cosmetic surgeon with tremendous skill, experience and training. Your surgeon also needs to fully understand how changes to the nasal bridge, tip and nostrils can enhance or detract from the entirety of your facial appearance.

If you are inspired by the Duchess of Sussex’s nose and considering rhinoplasty, I invite you to view before and after photos of my Las Vegas nose job patients to see how we get gorgeous results using a completely individualized approach. If you are ready to talk about rhinoplasty options, contact us to schedule a personal consultation with me at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas.

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