How to Tell Your Mom/BFF/SO You’re Getting a Breast Augmentation

Daughter Uses Dr. Pancholi's Tips for Telling Her mom and Friends about her Breast Augmentation

Trying to figure out how to bring breast augmentation up with your closest confidant? You’re not alone. Just last year, nearly 300,000 Americans got breast implants, so you can be sure that hundreds of thousands of these conversations happened. (With those numbers, the odds are that someone you know was involved!)

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to breach the subject of breast augmentation, here are a few tips I’ve learned from my patients throughout the years. I hope this helps you share your exciting news with your mom, your significant other, or your best friend so that they can support you and share in your joy on this exciting journey.

Overcoming stigma and myths about breast implants

There are a number of common objections to breast augmentation, but they tend to stem from a misunderstanding about the facts and experience of the procedure. You may hear objections like these:

  • “You won’t look like you anymore.”
  • “Boob jobs look unnatural.”
  • “Breast implants are dangerous.”
  • “How can you afford that?”

When you examine the facts, none of these statements holds water. Here is the truth: around 300,000 women get breast augmentation every year. It is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, and has been for years.

The following breast augmentation facts may help convince naysayers:

  • 97% of patients report that their surgery was “worth it.”
  • Breast surgery usually imparts life-affirming confidence.
  • Cosmetic surgery is your choice and not anyone else’s to make.
  • Breast implants aren’t just about being “sexy”; it’s about loving your body proportions. Often we are also correcting noticeable breast asymmetry.
  • Only poorly done augmentations look unnatural. A beautifully performed breast augmentation will look totally in tune with your proportions. (Just be sure you’ve chosen a surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery for your procedure.)
  • Breast implants have undergone years of clinical study and improvement. The latest generations of implants pose no greater risk than any other commonly used medical implants.
  • The procedure can fit into most budgets with customized surgical financing options or a careful savings plan.

Moreover, You can rest easy and know you will be treated with the best care by choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon who operates in an accredited surgical center.

Tips for informing your loved ones about your breast augmentation

After you’ve shared the above facts, your loved one may still need help understanding why you want augmented breasts (“You’re already beautiful the way you are!”). To help them understand your desire for implants—a desire many of my patients struggle to put into words—try some of the following tips.

Tip #1: Talk sooner rather than later

The biggest regret that my patients express about talking to their loved ones is failing to talk to them at all. Perhaps even worse, some wait until the very last minute. This may lead them to feel they’ve been left out of this chapter of your life. Not giving loved ones time to process the news ahead of time can also create unnecessary stress in the days leading up to your surgery.

So communicate with your significant other or any other loved ones that need to know about your plans early and often. Let them know you are researching the procedure or setting money aside for it. Keeping them in the loop will make them feel trusted and included.

Tip #2: Share your feelings

Your SO or parents may need to hear that even though they love your body as it is, this is something you want to do for yourself. Tell them about the specific things you’re looking forward to with your augmented breasts: maybe you can’t wait to wear that little black dress with newfound confidence. Maybe it’s putting on a bathing suit and filling out the top, or looking in the mirror each morning and seeing confident, feminine curves.

If it doesn’t come naturally to share your feelings, take some time to reflect on your desire for augmented breasts, perhaps writing in a journal to prepare for these important conversations.

Tip #3: Get them involved

If you are comfortable involving your loved ones in the process, ask for their input on relevant details. For example, if you will rely on them to help you during the initial recovery period, they can help you decide when to put the surgery date on the calendar.

However, take care when it comes to involving others in your final surgical choices. The size and type of your implants, for example, is something you might like to mull over with the help of a friend, but remember that you will be the one living with your augmentation so your results should be exactly what you want and not based on someone else’s wishes.

Tip #4: Consider an aftercare service if needed

If your loved one does not feel equipped to support you in recovery, consider enlisting help from a surgical aftercare service. These services provide medical professionals to chauffeur, stop by, and/or stay with you during the first 24-48 hours as your anesthesia wears off (or longer as needed). There are also a number of luxury “recovery houses” where you can heal in peace under the care of a nurse.

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