How-to Guide to Looking Great All Pool Season Long

Black Bikini GirlWe all love the Las Vegas Pool Season, with its numerous daytime parties including world class DJs, food, drinks and endless summer fun. The one drawback to our extended pool season is that it can easily take a toll on your looks. If you want to attract admiring looks poolside from March all the way through October, you’ll need to take care of yourself.

So, before you jump in the water or grab that cocktail, I encourage you to make sure you have a plan in place to maintain your look throughout the season. Here are some golden rules:

  • Sunscreen – Wear it! We live in a desert and your skin will see sunshine. But it’s sunburning you should be most worried about. Allowing your skin to burn causes the blood vessel and cells to die, which in turn leads to dry, wrinkled, discolored and leathery looking skin.
  • Hydration – Drinking alcohol in the heat can easily leave your body dehydrated, putting you at risk of heatstroke. So drink plenty of water in between those cocktails.
  • Rinse after a dip – Chlorine is harsh on your skin—it actually strips your skin of natural oils which leads to dry peeling skin. We suggest showering after a dip in the pool and using lotion to restore moisture.
  • Bonus: non surgical cosmetic procedures – If you’ve got features you want to improve, you can do so without missing a day of pool season. Injectable fillers can help you have a more refined nose, fuller lips, or a more defined jaw area. Botox can help you avoid showing off frown lines that don’t belong at a pool party. The non-surgical procedures we offer can provide great looking results with no downtime.

Whether you plan on attending plenty of parties or applying for Pool Party work, the above tips should help keep you looking tip-top.

If you need more help looking your best in your bikini, come in and talk to me about our surgical options. I can help with problem areas including breasts that lack fullness, annoying love handles, or stubborn fatty deposits. The most popular surgical procedures to help you get poolside-ready—breast augmentation and liposuction—require less recovery time than you might think. You’ll be feeling up to a leisurely poolside stroll after just a few weeks, and you can back in the water well before the season is over, if you get started now.

Contact my office for a consultation and we can discuss your concerns and options for treatment.

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