Can a non-surgical nose job do anything for a hook nose?

You can use non-surgical means to improve the overall appearance of your nose. This is typically performed using dermal fillers like Captique, Sculptra, Radiesse, and many others.

How does it work? Instead of surgically changing your nose, the filler is strategically placed with a small needle into specifically targeted areas to smooth out the overall contour. In this way, a smoother appearance is created which can lessen the ‘hook’.

There are pros and cons to the ‘non-surgical rhinoplasty’ approach. The good side is you don’t have the recovery period of surgery. It’s a quick procedure with instantaneous results and an improvement in nose shape.

The down side is, if improperly performed, the thin skin of the nose can be damaged or you could feel a small bump under the skin. Also, it’s a temporary result. If you dislike the results, they will go away, but if you really like the outcome, you’ll need to have the procedure performed again.

Some surgeons advise against non-surgical rhinoplasty because it can increase the difficulty of an actual rhinoplasty procedure later on.

The amount of correction that you can be obtained with non-surgical rhinoplasty is usually limited. Your happiness depends on having realistic expectations of what can be achieved. A consultation can answer more specific questions and help determine if you are a good candidate.

See our non surgical nose job before and after photos

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