Can a facial implant move around in your face?

It is unlikely that a facial implant will start drifting within your face. During surgery, the implant is secured either by a stitch or an absorbable screw.

Also, a second layer of protection – a capsule of collagen scar tissue – starts to form around the implant within 72 hours. The inside of this capsule of scar tissue lies against the implant while the outside attaches to the surrounding tissue and muscles. This further secures the implant in place and keeps it from moving around.

It’s highly important that the implant be secured; otherwise, if it keeps moving around, it could start to wear out the underlying bone.  If it is properly placed and secured, this isn’t a concern.

Most implants used today are made of solid silicone, which is a good thing; they are soft, and easily treated or removed in the rare event of an infection.

Is fat injection a better option? Yes and no. Depends how you look at it. Fat is natural, it is unlikely that you will have an adverse reaction from it, and you will still feel ‘all natural’. The down side to fat is that it doesn’t always stay – your body might absorb it. Also, if your weight changes, you may see a corresponding change in your cheek size!

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