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The harms of sun overexposure have been clearly documented over the years, but millions of Americans still choose to sunbathe or visit the tanning salon in search of that widely-coveted bronze complexion. The problem is that health messages rarely take precedence over habits that are enjoyable and reinforced by cultural norms. So doctors from the… Continue Reading »

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If you’re bothered by fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes (and who doesn’t have a few?) then you may want to check out this medical grade product from Obagi Medical.  The ELASTIderm eye treatment is designed to restore elasticity in your skin and reduce those persistent lines. What’s Inside? Obagi’s trademarked Penetrating Therapeutics deliver… Continue Reading »

With many cosmetic surgeons offering specials and baby boomers considering the possibility of looking better to enhance their prospects, the business of cosmetic surgery is poised to make a strong comeback, says a new Los Angeles Times article. For cosmetic surgeons in Nevada and elsewhere in the U.S., the past year has been less than… Continue Reading »

Given the fact that we’re writing a cosmetic surgery blog, it seems we should take part in the discussion started by Doctor Pauline Chen in the New York Times.  She writes, “I blog, I tweet and I use Facebook,” saying they are “enormously useful” tools for her work. Blogger Tara Parker-Pope responds by asking, “Do… Continue Reading »

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Many people have heard of Obagi® but not everyone is aware that it’s the #1 Skin Care sold line exclusively by physicians. Obagi® is known for its corrective and effective Nu Derm® System, also known as Condition and Enhance®, which smoothes fine lines and fades brown spots and other skin imperfections in just a few… Continue Reading »

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