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The number of men seeking surgery to remove tired, saggy skin below the eyes is soaring, according to recent reports. For a cosmetic surgeon experienced in eyelid surgery in Las Vegas, consider Dr. Pancholi. He’s an experienced cosmetic surgeon that can provide results that leave you looking younger and more awake. According to a recent… Continue Reading »

If your large breasts are weighing you down, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery. A study that recently appeared in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that women who underwent breast reduction surgery had higher self-esteem and less lower back pain following the procedure. More than 150,000 women had breast reduction surgery last year…. Continue Reading »

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A dermatologist in Huntington Beach, California was recently reprimanded for injecting non-FDA approved botulinum toxin into ten patients. The doctor avoided buying Botox Cosmetic, the FDA-approved wrinkle treatment made by Allergan, to try and save a few bucks. He wasn’t the only one. Turns out nearly a hundred dermatologists and plastic surgeons purchased the black… Continue Reading »

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In the past, your options for achieving fuller, plumper lips were limited to injectable filler procedures that needed to be repeated every few months to maintain the look. But the development of a new lip implant now gives those who want to pump up their lips a permanent solution. Although lip implants are relatively new,… Continue Reading »

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