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A diverse group of surgeons, doctors and other medical professionals at Cleveland Clinic have completed a never-before-seen “80 percent facial transplant” on a female patient that suffered serious trauma. Although no personal information has been released about the patient, The Wall Street Journal reports that the operation was the “most complex face transplant in the… Continue Reading »

Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> CNN News reported this week on a controversial new breast augmentation method that is gaining ground worldwide; stem cell assisted lipotransfer uses a patient’s own fat and stem cells to successfuly perform breast augmentation. Japanese surgeon Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura appears on the news segment in support of his… Continue Reading »

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FDA officials will meet this Tuesday with a panel of outside experts to review information on dermal filler complications that have been reported over the last six years.  There have been roughly 900 reports of complications; issues like serious allergic reaction and even anaphylactic shock are among the statistics documented. Although the FDA did not… Continue Reading »

BEAUTY QUEEN: Facing the Knife Fashion reporter Xazmin Garza discovers that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder By XAZMIN GARZA REVIEW-JOURNAL Dr. Samir Pancholi’s recommendations included lip injections, cheek pads removal and a chin implant: $6,095. To correct Xazmin Garza’s facial imperfections, Dr. Stephen W. Gordon advised a left cheek fat graft,… Continue Reading »

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The Orlando Sentinel recently featured an article by Dr. Richard Bosshardt in which he outlined the status of modern breast cancer treatments and the efforts to minimize the negative effects through reconstruction and informed prevention. Bosshardt writes that “the value society has placed on the female breast is an ancient phenomenon” since it is symbolic… Continue Reading »

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Art Caplan directs the center of Bioethics at University of Pennsylvania. Last summer he gave a one-hour lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York on the topic of extended life, enhancement of our bodies and the potential use of advanced stem cell technology to achieve those goals. Caplan presents a convincing argument against a… Continue Reading »

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In light of research that shows human body fat to be rich in stem cells, cosmetic surgeons have been working toward a new method of breast augmentation; using transplanted fat to reshape the breast. The procedure is not an entirely new concept. New York surgeon Sydney Coleman has supposedly been doing it for years and… Continue Reading »

The number of men seeking surgery to remove tired, saggy skin below the eyes is soaring, according to recent reports. For a cosmetic surgeon experienced in eyelid surgery in Las Vegas, consider Dr. Pancholi. He’s an experienced cosmetic surgeon that can provide results that leave you looking younger and more awake. According to a recent… Continue Reading »

If your large breasts are weighing you down, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery. A study that recently appeared in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that women who underwent breast reduction surgery had higher self-esteem and less lower back pain following the procedure. More than 150,000 women had breast reduction surgery last year…. Continue Reading »

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